Winter Issue 2016/17


Cacoon Hammocks
The idea for cacoon hammocks was born after a jungle trek when the founders came across a colony of tiny hanging weaverbird nests and created a comfy version for humans. For a two-seater, $435





Shelby Cobra Ride-On For Children
Featuring both forward and reverse gears, plus realistic sound effects, this will be all any child needs to cruise sidewalks in style. $272




Swiss Engineered Quad Calibrated Turntable
This turntable sports a magnetically suspended aluminum platter nestled within a special wooden cylinder for a stable, silent base unaffected by environmental vibration. $94,000








Special Edition BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band
Straight from the sands of Jakku, this Star Wars droid can be guided from your smartphone, tablet or voice. $199







Authentic Water Blasting Fire Rescue Game
This is the same two-player game found at theme parks that challenges players to quench “fires” by aiming streams of water at a series of “burning” windows. $10,000