The Genuine Irish Telefon Box
This is the handmade replica of the ubiquitous Irish telefon box that once linked the residents of the Emerald Island. The first telefon box was installed opposite Trinity College in 1925. $6,000








Rotating Wine or Whisky Glass
A uniquely designed novel rotating glass, which pivots on a stainless steel ball, making it easy to rotate 360 degrees. The swirling flawlessly blends the drink’s aromas and flavors, enhancing the taste of the drink. Set of two glasses and two coasters, $81.85





Floating Record™ Vertical Turntable
Designed as an all-in-one design (shipping with just 6 parts out of the box), the Floating Record player is made with a real walnut or maple wood base. It’s designed to pull out of the box, plug in, and set the stylus onto a favorite album. $550.00.









Litter-Robot Open Air –
Editor Recommended! This automatic self-cleaning litter box robot detects when your cat is inside and when it’s time to clean up. As the globe rotates, it collects waste and drops it into a drawer, leaving clean litter every time. $449







Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Cover With Kickstand
This rugged Apple iPhone cover boasts a kickstand, holster, tempered glass and orange/black lanyard. $30












San FranCisco Museum Of Modern Art
Impossible I-1 Camera Designed by Impossible Project
When Polaroid® announced the end of instant film in 2008, Impossible stepped in to buy the last remaining factory, days before it closed down. Eight years later, with the help of some incredible chemists, engineers and photographers, they’re the only company worldwide making original format instant film, and now introduce the I-1 Impossible Camera.

For beginners, the I-1 is as easy to use as the beloved Polaroid® 600-type, but you get more control over the end result. Portraits turn out even better thanks to autofocus and the ring flash. $299












Master SculpzMuseum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Put your little master builder’s creativity to the test! These fun, three-dimensional cutout sets have innumerable options to deepen a child’s understanding of sculpture, Cubism and Surrealism. $12.








Louis C. Tiffany Inspired Umbrells. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum Of American Art, Winter Park, Florida
The blue dragonfly umbrella is inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s leaded-glass dragonfly lamps on view at the Morse. Stick or compact  (auto open/close) $24.95.,





Museum of modern art, New York – WaterRower Rowing Machine
Channel the unbending power and steely determination of Frank Underwood with this elegant rowing machine, which builds strength and stamina by closely simulating a real world rowing experience. Its patented Waterflywheel, which moves through actual water, provides a smooth stroke that exercises 84% of your muscle mass evenly and prevents injuries. When not in use, the WaterRower can be stored vertically against a wall. Made in the USA from ethically sourced walnut wood. Assembly required. $945.00








The Beatles Drum Clock
This is the wall clock inspired by legendary Beatle Ringo Starr’s snare drum. A unique gift for one who still suffers from bouts of Beatlemania, the clock features the group’s famous dropped-T logo as it first appeared on front of the iconic percussionist’s Ludwig bass drum in 1963 and more famously on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The drum’s shell retains the same oyster black pearl finish of the original drum kit while electroplated hoops, lugs, and tension rod castings yield a gleaming finish. Keeping impeccable time with one (required) AA battery. $129.95.









The Only Seven Person Tricycle
Accommodates seven adults. The seven seats each have a set of pedals that riders can operate simultaneously to propel the tricycle up to 10 mph, encouraging social interaction and team-building while pedaling. One of the seven riders steers the tricycle and controls the dual independent hydraulic brake systems (one hand lever and a foot pedal). Handmade in Germany for the likes of Cirque du Soleil and Google, the tricycle has a circular jointed drive-shaft, Porsche-engineered rack-and-pinion steering, and a completely covered drivetrain to protect the mechanism from dirt and dust. Price $20,000.








Ricoh WG-M1
Ruggedly designed the camera is waterproof at depths of 32 feet, shockproof at drops up to 6.5 feet,  cold-resistant at temperatures down to 14°F and dustproof. It features a 1/2.3 CMOS sensor that captures up to 14-Megapixel still images and Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps to microSD/SDHC memory cards. Sporting an ultra-wide angle lens with 160° viewing angle in photo mode and up to 137° in video mode the WG-M1 is ready to capture a wide array of indoor, outdoor and below-the-surface activities.  $296.95.




The Ultimate Stress Relieving Cube
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed for all ages to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style. It has six sides with each side featuring something to fidget with: Flip, Glide, Click, Spin, Roll, Breathe. $29.95.









The Pulsing Plasma Wireless Speaker
This a Bluetooth speaker that generates a show of kinetic light inside a desktop plasma globe. A smartphone connects to the speaker via Bluetooth from up to 32’ away and the integrated plasma globe produces a synchronized light show across its interior with dancing red, pink, and violet plumes. Price $49.95.





Cacoon Hammocks
The idea for cacoon hammocks was born after a jungle trek when the founders came across a colony of tiny hanging weaverbird nests and created a comfy version for humans. For a two-seater, $435








Shelby Cobra Ride-On For Children
Featuring both forward and reverse gears, plus realistic sound effects, this will be all any child needs to cruise sidewalks in style. $272










Swiss Engineered Quad Calibrated Turntable
This turntable sports a magnetically suspended aluminum platter nestled within a special wooden cylinder for a stable, silent base unaffected by environmental vibration. $94,000









Special Edition BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band
Straight from the sands of Jakku, this Star Wars droid can be guided from your smartphone, tablet or voice. $199













Authentic Water Blasting Fire Rescue Game
This is the same two-player game found at theme parks that challenges players to quench “fires” by aiming streams of water at a series of “burning” windows. $10,000