The World’s First Megacar

One:1 with Christian von Koenigsegg

By Joshua Stone

koenigsegg_one1_side_03_smallWhen one thinks of countries of exotic-car origins, Sweden usually isn’t even on the map. But that was before Christian von Koenigsegg zoomed into the spotlight. Brace yourselves hypercar fans. This young hot rod automaker recently unveiled the world’s first megacar (a spellbinding production car with 1 megawatt of power) at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show: the Agera One: 1.

“Records aren’t something we’re [necessarily] after,” said Koenigsegg, whose personal car-making mantra is high-performance functionality with a purpose. “But if the car has abilities beyond those of other cars, it’s nice to show that with a record.”

Koenigsegg-Agera-One-1-interiorTalk about an understatement. The carbon-fiber Agera One: 1 weighs less than a Mini Cooper, yet packs a mindboggling 1,341 horsepower (that’s one horsepower per kilogram!) and can reach a top speed of 273 miles per hour. And let’s not forget these futuristic high-tech gadgets: 2G cornering capability, 3G and GPS controlled Predictive Active Chassis and Aero Track Mode, a chassis with active ride height, Koenigsegg-patented 3D printed variable turbo housing, and carbon fiber ventilated memory foam racing seats. But before you reach for your checkbook – know that Koenigsegg plans to build only six of the One: 1 – and they’re all spoken for!

Success of a Prodigy
Since commencement, the Koenigsegg mission proves remarkable. Christian was only 5 years old when he first saw a stop-motion film from Norway about a bicycle repairman who built his own race car. The film made an impression. On August 12, 1994, 22-year-old Christian set out to realize his childhood dream – to start his own car company. Against all odds, his idea was to create a sports car that didn’t yet exist.

“For me, the car should place the driver at the center of the universe,” Koenigsegg once said.  “When you jump into a car and drive away, the world should move around you, as if you’re stationary … invoking a tremendous sense of freedom.”

The Koenigsegg Concept is Born
koenesseggThe idea: A lightweight, mid-engined car, with a detachable, stowable hardtop. A wraparound screen for good visibility and aerodynamics. A car that looked and felt good with the top up, as well as in roadster guise, transformed in minutes with the hardtop neatly tucked away inside the car. A car with a timeless efficient
appearance that ages like good wine.

The CC8S was born. Every Koenigsegg created since includes the simple but effective DNA of Christian’s original vision. Five production models later, with as many Guinness production car records – there is no doubt: Koenigsegg has blasted into the forefront of the megacar scene, and is here to stay.

“It has been an amazing ride,” Koenigsegg beamed.  “I’m living the dream.”

One can only fathom what this Swedish wunderkind will deliver during the next 20 years. Stay tuned!

The World’s First Megacar