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Iconic Chef José Andrés’ First Restaurant in Miami

“We knew the time would come that we’d have to step down [at El Bulli in Catalonia, Spain – the former No. 1 restaurant in the world and pioneer of molecular gastronomy] because we’d been winning Oscars for 15 years. I discovered this one day when I got home. My mother was reading a newspaper and she said, ‘Again? What are you doing in the papers?’ And I realized if my mother thought that of me, what would my enemies think?”
– Chef José Andrés

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Fortunately for Miami foodies, Chef José has come to town – no need for a transatlantic flight to enjoy his iconic cuisine! The opening of SLS Hotel South Beach brings an enchanting Miami-inspired sequel to the magical world of The Bazaar by José Andrés, the witty, yet elegant, dining experience akin to a “modern piazza.” From its premiere in Beverly Hills to its new incarnation at the historic beachfront location of 17th and  Collins, The Bazaar is a creative and lavish setting born from the musings of some of the world’s most talented minds – culinary director José Andrés, designer Philippe Starck, and hospitality impresario Sam Nazarian. Here, Andrés presents a new interpretation of the internationally acclaimed restaurant concept that has captured the attention of the industry and diners alike.

“Imagine walking through a market, where you will find inspirations and ingredients from around the world – The Bazaar unites this magic under one roof,” said José Andrés. “In South Beach, the Latin background of Miami and the art deco connection of Singapore meet the best of Spanish cuisine.”

”The Bazaar and José have impacted the culinary landscape in an unprecedented fashion and it’s an honor to share the experience with the South Beach community,” added Nazarian.

With a sense of place and a nod to its storied history – all with a decidedly innovative Andrés twist – The Bazaar captures a crossroads of cultures that speaks to the essence of Miami. An array of influences and flavors merge to form an intricate reflection of Andrés himself: strong Spanish tradition meets an avant-garde thinker who travels, researches, shares and investigates the cuisines of the world. Intrigued by the sacred preservation of Miami’s past, Andrés discovered a unique art deco connection that brought him to Singapore. He showcases this melting-pot of cultures in Miami with menu items where “Miami Meets the World.” Spanish classics and modern fare come together in the “Spain Yesterday and Today” selections. This vibrant assortment of flavors is where The Bazaar makes its mark – with the full breadth of fun and flash that Miami has to offer.

Celebrating Spain
Andrés and his culinary team explore the classic and modern fare of his homeland and imbue it with a sense of wonder and delight. Tapas reflect their rich history, such as Ajo Blanco, the cold soup made with Spanish Marcona almonds; and Mediterranean Mussels in escabeche served from a tin sardine can, a reference to the 19th century invention of canning. Rossejat, the classic noodle paella, is blackened with squid ink and topped with plump shrimp. Secreto de  Ibérico, the grilled ‘secret’ cut of pork served with potato puree flavored with Ibérico fat, highlight new presentations of the prized acorn-fed Ibérico pork, also served cured and sliced along with Embutidos including chorizo, lomo and salchichon.

For the Miami homage, small plates feature a bold interplay between fruits, vegetables and the coastal seafood of Miami’s environs. As an apt beginning to the meal, cones of ‘Bagels and Lox’ with salmon roe and dill cream cheese, along with a Japanese Taco of grilled eel, shisho and pork chicharrones, serve as global markers to the culinary journey, spanning native lands from the Pacific to Caribbean. South and Central American influences abound with new iterations of the classic Cuban Pollo al Ajillo slow-cooked with black garlic and Peruvian Papas a la Huancaína with sea urchin. Yucca ‘Churros’  come with a fun and flavorful side of peanut butter and honey. Seafood dishes take on an island air with items such as Conch Fritters and Coconut Rice. A colorful and creative Dragon Fruit Ceviche is made with tuna and topped with hot pink hibiscus foam.

Miniaturized, modern takes on favorite sandwiches, also a signature of The Bazaar, allow Andrés to transform his popular Philly cheesesteak into a new Cubano of air bread, pressed Ibérico pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.

A Starck Journey
Orchestrating the vibrant and eclectic pairing to Andrés’ cuisine is world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. With two distinct dining rooms and Bar Centro out on the back terrace, The Bazaar is a visual as well as a culinary journey. Presided over by a Spanish bull’s head draped in a Mexican wrestler’s mask created by Andrés’ friend and artist Mikel Urmeneta, Starck’s front Rojo dining room design evokes a “Spanish cantina, or maybe an Asian cantina, perhaps it is both” as deep red curtains and dark wood tables mix with a swirl of Spanish and Asian images and icons on the floor. Described as an “out-of-focus memory of the charming dining room of your grandmother who loved art,” the back Blanca dining room unfolds into an open, airy jumble of paintings, photographs, bookshelves and sculptures.

The Bazaar by José Andrés is located within SLS Hotel South Beach at 1702 Collins Avenue.
For more information or reservations, please visit or call 305.674.1701.


Chef José Andrés