Exceeding Your Expectations

Meet the VP in Charge

Dan Brooke, Vice President of Residential Operations at CSI

Deering-Bay-10Your home is your sanctuary. Condominium associations that hire CSI Management Services to manage their pristine properties expect white-glove-level service in a luxurious, stress-free atmosphere, where behind-the-scenes logistics are seamless and virtually invisible to the homeowner.

Meet Dan Brooke. Some call him Vice President of Exceeding  Expectations. Officially, he’s the Vice President of Residential Operations at CSI. He leads the division at CSI that continuously stays ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge processes and procedures, making quality control top priority. Providing ever-evolving staff training at every level at CSI, Brooke drills down on efficiencies to enhance fluid operations from the field to the back office. All of this contributes to greater customer service. And that is what CSI is all about.

“After all, we are welcomed into the home of our clients to care for their home and business. The goal is always to have association members enjoy their home, with the best of luxury service and without worry of the day-to-day business operations,” said Brooke. “We deliver not only the highest quality of service, but we do so with a team that is very passionate about their profession. It is great to see our team go into action in a new site and begin identifying issues and make immediate improvements. I highly value working for a luxury property management company that truly has the best interest of our client in mind.”

Dan is a licensed Stationary Operating Engineer with 25 years of hospital engineering and facilities management experience prior to joining the CSI team in 2003. He has held the positions of Chief Engineer, Operations Manager, and Property Manager in the telecommunications and other commercial facilities. A licensed Private Pilot, Dan enjoys the freedom of flying to relax in his spare time.
If you have an operations question regarding your association, email Mr. Brooke at dbrooke@csimsi.com.