Artography Kasha Style

red1-1When photography was film and the industry relied on labs for processing and locations to print, Toronto native KASHA made rounds with her second-hand camera with such zest that it was easy for her to make friends and be acknowledged as an IT girl on the scene.

Over the years, the digital evolution changed the landscape for photographers, for artists, and KASHA adapted seamlessly. “My personal technique is what I call ‘photo montage’ via digital photography and Photoshop. Taking a quality photograph is only part of the process now. It is my challenge to create art from that digital photograph.”

Finding her niche took timewhite1

“In university, I should have been a painter, but my art professor scared the daylights out of me about being prepared to be poor and suffer for my art,” she recalled. “I was disillusioned and confused about ‘what to be.’ I visited a girlfriend in downtown Toronto at Ryerson University and I fell in ‘sync’ with the vibe there. I came back to life.”

KASHA reentered school with her mind set on interior design, but her photography-major roommate reinvigorated her zeal for the darkroom.

“She walked me through the entire process, including printing in the darkroom. This is what sealed the deal for my destiny. I quit interior design, took an introductory course to black and white photography and never looked back,” KASHA said. “I still ended up poor and suffering for my art for many years, but now I understand that suffering is integral for an artist to experience. It makes you believe in yourself.”

yellow1The South Beach Influence

In 2008, KASHA spent the winter in South Beach, shooting her environment. It revived her artistic appetite. Today, she exhibits throughout South Florida, supporting her favorite charity, ‘More Birthdays,’ which benefits children with cancer through the American Cancer Society.

“Exhibiting is very special for any artist. Witnessing how the anonymous react to what they see is captivating on its own. I desire to capture their gaze, to mesmerize, to present the opportunity to experience the stream of consciousness through looking. My new work expresses technical precision paired with intricate natural beauty. The ying and yang of myself.”

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Artography Kasha Style