Asian-Infused Design

Touches of Asian influences are infused with both period and modern pieces, blended with warm woods, vibrant pillows, art, sculptures and a custom-designed ceiling that hides the indirect lighting. South Florida Opulence sat down with Steven G. 
to talk about what inspired the sophisticated, yet warm and comforting look.


South Florida Opulence: What inspired the Asian influences in this design?

Steven G.: In this case, the Asian influence came from years of traveling all over the world by the owners. The Asian influence was an important consideration when we were selecting products and fabrics.

SFO: What role did lighting play in creating the drama, 
intensity and serenity in this room?
Steven G.: Lighting is probably the most important feature that any designer needs to make a project successful. Having the apartment controlled by your iPad makes life that much easier. For us as a design team, without proper lighting, what else are you really left with to build an ambience? So, yes, lighting for us and for this particular client was imperative.

SFO: When you decide with a client on a theme for a room, how did you go about selecting items? Do you have to travel abroad to hunt for them?
Steven G.: In the selection process, the items were found here within our 100,000 square-foot showroom. We import from all over the world. The client was able to sit, touch and see the quality firsthand.

SFO: Since the owners of this condo were moving here from Washington, D.C., how did you communicate colors, textures and accents?  
Steven G.: After the initial meeting with the client, we are able to Skype weekly with them and review the design process on a step-by-step basis. For the final presentation, the client did fly in to review and approve the final selections.
SFO: Many of your recent designs use modern monochromatic tones. What inspired you to use the splashes of color in this project?
Steven G.: Most clients are afraid of color! But understanding the Asian influence of reds and brick colors throughout the apartment was a natural because we had Asian art and artifacts. Our client embraced the color, as they were very savvy and understood the reasoning behind them. Our clients wanted the creativity! So they allowed us to really design a bit out of the norm, but also wanted to stay with a warm look, but yet very livable.

Asian-Infused Design