Asura Cabernet Sauvignon

Napa Mt. Veeder 2012




chartThe Complex Profile of Asura Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 comes from Mount Veeder, a place of great natural beauty and diversity, with a most unlikely combination of circumstances. 85 percent of the land remains dense natural forest, with homes, roads and only about 1,000 acres of vineyards ­— due to the rugged terrain- making up the rest. Wines from this area are rare indeed, about 1.3 percent of Napa Valley’s annual production.

Asura was made blending grapes from two Mount Veeder vineyards Saffron and Wildcat, both 1,900 feet in altitude, where high risk growing conditions force to limit the production, focusing only on the search of the highest quality wine ever. As a matter of fact, only 3,000 bottles have been produced of Asura 2012, lowering to 2.5 tons per acre the yield production, that is about the half the average in
Napa Valley.

The Soil and Season
Asura comes from a very well drained volcanic soil, while the rest of Mount Veeder soil is composed by pushed seabed. Due to the altitude, machinery cannot be used. The grapes have been handpicked between October 15th and October 24th.

Mount Veeder offers the longest growing season and latest harvest in Napa Valley. Controlled fermentation finished in November and extended macerations lasted between 28 and 37 days depending on the lot.

Native yeast fermentation, as well as native malolactic secondary fermentation was used to complete the process. Asura was aged for 24 months in French baroque, 80 percent new oak, 20 percent one year old. The additional refining was 4 months in bottle.

The Bouquet
Asura is intense ruby red colored with youthful shades and bright highlights. It features aromas of intense purple lilac, followed by scents of ripe, juicy fruit, filling the mouth with fleshy plums and berried fruits, evolving to sweet licorice, caramel candy, cinnamon. Hints of smoky flavors, coffee and flint minerality, extend further its long, charming finish.

To better appreciate Asura’s structured aromas and flavors, it pairs best with complex culinary preparations; such as ragu pasta, lasagna and stuffed mushroom or truffle ravioli; braised meat; game and aged cheeses.

It’s great also by itself as a “meditation” wine.


Asura Cabernet Sauvignon