Autumn in New York

When New Yorkers get together talk inevitably turns to real estate. Who’s buying? What are the latest record sales? What’s the latest architect property? Where is the market headed? These topics all fuel the conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are an architecture buff tracking the latest new developments or a fan of historic townhouses, watching the real estate market is as important as attending the blockbuster museum shows and knowing the hot new restaurant.

However, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Approximately 75% of Manhattan residences are rentals and there are only about 290,000 owned homes in Manhattan. The average apartment sales price has hovered around $2,000,000 for the last couple years, while the median price has been in the $1,100,000 range. The ultra-luxury market we read so much about is a small but fascinating fraction of the City.

Manhattan real estate isn’t simply defined as a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, or even by new development versus resale prices. As with the art market, it is composed of many micro markets. When making an investment – be it real estate, a collectible watch or a great painting – having timely, accurate information and working with knowledgeable experts are key to achieving the best price for something you will appreciate for years to come.

Loft Living (Inkwell)
520 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036
2-3 Bedrooms/ 2-3 Baths
1,211+1,901 SQ.Ft • $1,900,000 + $2,800,000
With a design vocabulary that finds its inspiration in craft, honed and refined for 21st century living, this home is where grand spaces and light mix with custom finishes and materials. Amply-proportioned two and three bedrooms homes made for gracious living. Agent: Lisa Lippman (212) 588-5606

Stylist Penthouse (Tribeca)
15 Leonard Street PH
Tribeca, NYC 10013
5 Bedrooms / 6 Baths
4,574 SQ.Ft • Listed at: $15,650,000
Experience the perfection of discrete, luxurious living in this Penthouse. This oasis in the sky boasts six terraces totaling approximately 1,577 square feet of outdoor space. Agents: Laura E. Moss (212) 452-4507 • Stephen E. McArdle (212) 906-0590

Parkside MansionPark Slope (104 Prospect Park West)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
5 Bedrooms / 4 Baths
6,200 SQ.Ft • Listed at: $10,000,000
If you love fine art, attention to detail and historic preservation, then look no further. This home has been beautifully maintained and every finish and upgrade was carefully curated.
Agent: Terry Naini (917) 841-1826



Autumn in New York