Klima Restaurant and Bar’s progressive culinary concept is inspired by contemporary gastronomy in Spain.

By Robin Jay

Tuna-Toast_KLIMAIf this is the largest close-up photo of fresh tuna you’ve ever seen in your life, then mission accomplished – to prove that a picture is indeed worth 1,000 words and that the “Tuna Crudo” dish at Klima is the freshest I’ve ever savored. Ever.

Holy smokes. The dining experience at Klima was, with certainty, one of the finest my husband and I have ever had. Each dish was more flavorful than the next – using the freshest local ingredients, spices, simple yet unique recipes – served in a modern, welcoming, art-filled ambience, with sincere, exceptional service – from the son of one of the founding owners no less. It was as if we were being served at someone’s home.


Owners Yago Giner (left) and Pablo Fernández-Valdés

The Culinary Vision
Klima delivers an eclectic menu of seasonal fish, seafood, meats and pasta dishes conceived using a contemporary approach to western Mediterranean cuisine. It’s the impressive culinary vision that exemplifies the Barcelonian roots of founder Pablo Fernández-Valdés and Yago Giner.

Besides the Tuna Toast, some of my favorites from Klima’s tapas and raw bar include 5 Jotas Iberian Ham, and “Josper“ Spanish Octopus. Josper refers to the Josper Oven – a unique charcoal filled oven from Spain that is especially created to grill meats evenly and with aperfect tenderness, resulting in a taste similar to that of an outdoor barbecue. It is only one of two currently being used in South Florida.

When visiting, do be sure to try the Fennel Carpaccio salad (the curly greens were so unique I was compelled to ask the chef how he cut them – I’m not going to ruin the surprise here…you must go for yourself and find out). And don’t miss the Kumamoto Oysters garnished with ceviche/ponzu sauce and salmon roe. The Idiazabal Cheese Ravioli, a new signature dish, was tender and decadent, yet not too heavy. The Pluma Ibérica melted in
my mouth.

Our culinary journey didn’t end there. The resident pastry chef whipped up some amazing confections, including the Nutella Brownie, Torrija caramelized brioche with Greek Yogurt ice cream, and Passion Fruit Crema. Our meal was completed with a regional Spanish cheese board (considered the only cheese selection of its kind in Miami) that included Manchego, La Peral Blue, Payoyo and Idiazabal selections.

KLIMA-Interior-[5]For an after-dinner cocktail, visit the outdoor pérgola (veranda), which offers a subtropical oasis of foliage, potted plants and soft lighting, creating a harmonious contrast between the indoor and outdoor seating areas. It’s a nice way to wind down after the elaborate meal. Klima Restaurant and Bar is located at 210 23rd Street, Miami Beach.



Clams with plankton


Fennel Carpaccio


Sea Bass with plankton








Plankton is a microscopic “Spice of the Sea” used by only a select few of today’s most creative chefs as a way to embellish the flavor of the ocean in a variety of seafood dishes. Phytoplankton comes as a freeze-dried green powder from an aquaculture farm in Spain. Just a tiny pinch brings a burst of ocean aroma.

Klima uses phytoplankton as an ingredient to cook its Sea Bass, Hamachi (yellow tail) Tiradito and Clam dishes.  When cooking the Sea Bass, the fish is marinated with the phytoplankton (mixed with oil and water) for six hours before being placed in to a vacuum-sealed bag. It is then boiled in water at no more than 62 degrees for 20 minutes using the “Sous Vide” cooking technique traditionally adopted in Spain – using low temperatures. The Sea Bass is then put in to the oven for one minute and removed before an additional coating of the phytoplankton mix is brushed on to give it a shiny glaze. For the Hamachi and Clam dishes, the phytoplankton ingredient is added to the plates as a final garnish to bring out a bold and distinctive ocean flavor.


Miami Spice Menu

KLIMA’s Miami Spice Month program for 2016 will consist of a $39 pre-fix dinner menu available from Monday to Saturday starting August 1st and lasting until September 30th.


Fennel Carpaccio with burrata, kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes


Caesar Salad, oli oil crouton and parmigiano


Short Rib Cannelloni with port wine sauce and parmigiano


Bacalao with white miso and heirloom lemon cucumber


Passion Fruit with coco and mint slush