The Bespoke Travel Experience:

That Is Peter Island

By Jule Guaglardi

peter-island-1EPoised like a well-groomed schoolboy, properly attired and well-behaved, Peter Island lies elegantly, luxuriously and reliably perfect to the naked eye.  However, like the curious twinkle in the schoolboy’s eye, and beneath his unpretentious air of sophistication, Peter Island bears secrets of mischief, pirates and fabulous buried treasure.
The 1800 acre island rests along the Sir Francis Drake Channel, named for the buccaneer who frequented these waters, concealed in secret bays awaiting the opportunity to strike the Spanish ships bearing cargo steeped in riches. In the 17th century, however, pirates and their hidden treasures gave way to European owned cotton plantations – albeit short lived with the eventual abolition of slavery. With a brief revival in the 1920’s in the way of tobacco farms, much of the island remained uninhabited until the late 1960’s.

Meet Peter Smedwig
It was during this time when Norwegian millionaire, Peter Smedwig, fell bedazzled with the island, purchasing the majority of the land to execute a most luxurious hideaway.  A brave and cumbersome task, Smedwig dredged vast amounts of sand and rock mounted atop a coral reef to reclaim the land of Spray Bay. He crafted a water supply, electricity, carved roads and shipped in A-frame chalets and building materials from Norway. He adorned the grand ensemble with a clubhouse and marina – and this would birth the epitome of privacy, tranquility and unpretentious luxury that defines Peter Island.
Smedwig sadly passed in 1979, leaving behind an elegant, however unstuffy, 32-room hotel and a vision of a secluded, tranquil paradise to be enjoyed by a select few. The resort was eventually purchased by a Michigan-based company, which had thankfully honored Smedwig’s image.

peter-island-31EA Heavenly Escape
Today, the Peter Island Resort & Spa is genuinely a heavenly escape — with its raw, natural beauty intact. With a 2 to 1 staff to guest ratio, guests are cared for every step of the way. In addition to spectacular sea and landscapes to captivate your senses, the property has taken the liberty to invent the “Island Host” program to captivate the rest of you. This brilliant concept assigns a personal caregiver to bring to life your every Peter Island wish. From unpacking your island necessities to organizing your holiday itinerary – to planning your private island picnic, lunch, candlelit dinner or a champagne sunset escape – no matter the desired experience, the warm and engaging staff is always one step ahead.

peter-island-30PIt is hard to say whether it’s the private island experience, the sinfully indulgent and magnificently relaxing spa, a menu that can be tailored to your liking, your own private island host catering to your every whim, the outrageously beautiful scenery that abounds in every direction, the mystery of lost pirate treasure, or the long, fabulous list of bespoke features that make Peter Island Resort & Spa such an ideal escape –  that is for every individual to decide. Either way, your island paradise awaits, tailor-made just for you!

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The Bespoke Travel Experience: