Closet or Sanctuary or Both?

By Hope Gainer

23142129_xl“If there was a man cave for a woman, it would be her dressing room/closet,” states Laressa Gjonaj of New York & Miami California Closets.  Today, they are outfitted with glass doors, lighting, seating, decorative items and other creature comforts.  These spaces are being made to look more like a boutique for the woman of the household.

But men don’t need to feel left out of the closet!  It doesn’t need to be an afterthought for men, or just a place to store their stuff like apparel, belts, ties and shoes.  It is worth the male species while to have a wonderfully organized space to save time and look their best with quick access to accessories for a fresh daily appearance.

The biggest trend in closets today is being big.  Big is better!  Closets can be as big as a bedroom or even larger. They are no longer just a space to hang clothes.  They are becoming an oasis or sanctuary in your home.  In fact, the name closet is becoming obsolete.  They are becoming a private place to retreat to. Some even have artwork, TVs, stereos, desks and ottomans to relax on.

In the past, couples were concerned about kitchens and bathrooms in their homes, but now they look at closet space.  If it is not adequate, you can convert a spare room into a closet/dressing room.  Everyone is looking for more space to build wardrobes.  Any blank wall can become a wardrobe space.  Creating custom built-ins are popular and closet-makers are actually building “furniture” to fit the
space like vanities, etc. Closet furniture is a whole new emerging category. Everything can be customized to create space for every item to be stored.

In terms of style, glass is a big trend nowadays with everything from glass doors to glass shelves to glass door fronts.  Lighting is also key, incorporating special lighting into the custom shelving and closet space.

Laressa Gjonaj who oversees both the New York and Miami markets for California Closets shared the distinctions. “New York and Miami are very different communities and cultures, each with their own style trends.  NYC  usually has smaller spaces available with more traditional taste, except for the downtown/SoHo district where the cool factor comes into play.  The Miami market is more sleek, ultra-modern and contemporary.  New Yorkers prefer more dark, rich colors while Miamians love high gloss white, as well as bold, bright accent colors that fuel their multicultural influences”.

California Closets has created their “Virtuoso Line” that reflects more of the European style systems that are more linear, open format and less bulky.  This is in contrast to the traditional California Closet which is more sectional.  Sliding doors are another popular trend these days.  California Closets attends the ultimate furniture fair in Milan annually, Salon d’Mobile, to check out new trends and materials.

When selecting a closet specialist, consider your timing requirements and the quality and exclusivity you desire.  A company like California Closets with 30 years of experience and a vertical operation, can turnkey your closet haven from soup to nuts in no time!  They do not outsource anything.  They have their own in-house manufacturing capabilities and can even make custom glass sliding doors to be delivered at the same time as the closet system.  Their designers work with a 3-D CAD design softwear program and deliver renderings to the customer right on the spot at the initial consultation and can make instant changes. Leadtime from consultation to completion to installation is about 4 weeks versus other suppliers whose timing can be triple or more.

Today, closets are being customized from as low as $1,000.00 up to $100,000.00+ depending on size, specifications and
materials.  So now, sweet dreams are not only reserved for the bedroom!

For information about a custom luxury closet for your home, call 305.623.8282 or visit 900 Park Center Blvd., Suite 476, Miami Fl