Edible Architecture Of Dinara Kasko

By Robin Jay

A few years ago, you’d find 20-something Ukrainian architect Dinara Kasko overseeing complex construction sites in the Netherlands. Today, the 28-year-old is back home in Kharkov with a precious 2-year-old daughter by her side and a new studio where she creates her scale models: her kitchen.

Culinary Architecture
These days, as a patisserie, Dinara uses her architectural and 3D modeling skills to dream up, sketch on paper and design computerized models for remarkable geometric cakes.

“Even in this stage, I can create the whole scale and proportions,” she said. “I can vary the color, texture and choose decorations for finished product. The next step is to use a 3D printer to create the master model. Finally, I cast the silicone mold.” Dinara then whips up a delicious batter and pours it into the silicone molds to bake up stunning cakes that would make even Frank Lloyd Wright envious.

Dinara, also a talented photographer, styles and snaps the beautiful images of her  cakes. It may sound and look easy but, Dinara said, “The most difficult part is to achieve the initial idea for a geometric design” that translates sturdy enough with flour, eggs, butter and sugar instead of steel girders, bricks and glass.

The Transition Into Cakes
Dinara developed her love for all things sweet in her travels – by age 17, she had visited 16 countries. She bought books upon books on baking and became a ‘real fan of pastry.’

Edible Architecture

“I eventually visited different culinary schools in Ukraine, Spain, France, Russia and attended courses with the greatest chefs in different master classes. Last year, I was in Paris at the Elle & Vire School with chefs Nicolas Bussen and Angelo Musa. Lately, I am a self-study,” she explained.

As you view the magnificent Dinara Kasko cake designs throughout this layout, you’ll see shots of both the outsides of the cake, as well as just-as-spectacular cross sections showing the insides with  layers of frosting, fruits, and ganache.

“If you want a cake to look beautiful on the inside when you cut it, you need to freeze the filling well. No tricks, just a lot of work,” Dinara said. “Architects need to know much and have good professional skills; the same is true about good pastry-cooks.
Earlier, I wasn’t picky when buying a dessert in a shop, it had to be just sweet. But now I realize how many ingredients, techniques and nuances you need to know to make it really beautiful and not only sweet. It is a real science.”

No matter what language someone speaks around the world, desserts visually speak a universal dialect that nearly always results in smiles.

“Yes it is true. I bake cakes and pastries because I really like to eat them,” Dinara said with a grin. “And I think there are no people who don’t like desserts, there are only those who can resist them.”

What’s next for this young master of patisserie?

“I am an idea-person, and if I like something or get interested, I start working on it day and night,” Dinara said. “And it does not matter what it is. I constantly change my hobbies. Now it is pastry.”

To see more of Dinara Kasko’s remarkable pastry art,  visit www.dinarakasko.com.

Edible Architecture Of Dinara Kasko