Engaging the Groom

David Tutera, Best Celebrity Wedding & Festivity Planner

By Robin Jay

David Tutera

David Tutera

If David Tutera were a professor, his course curriculum would surely be ‘The Art of Celebration.’ Whether the wedding maestro for celebrities like Star Jones, Shannon Doherty and Jewel, or the curator of couture events for Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Elton John, Barbara Walters, Prince Charles and countless others, this adrenaline-driven man of merriment has a client A-list second to none. South Florida Opulence sat down with Tutera for a chat about his impressive career – and his advice on a novel topic: How to get the groom more engaged in the wedding planning process.

Born to Celebrate
A prominent florist, Tutera’s grandfather detected his grandson’s artistic talent at a young age and motivated David to pursue his destiny.

“My grandfather was both an inspiration and a mentor to me, especially when I worked alongside him as a teenager in his floral shop,” Tutera said. “It was with him that I learned about different flowers and arranging them into beautiful presentations. He took notice in my artistic ability and encouraged me to dream big and pursue something greater with it. His advice and support guided me on my own path, eventually leading me to start my own business.

“I started a small singing telegram business at the age of 19 and just ran with it. Like any business, there were times when it was hard, but I just kept pushing through. I took pride in decorating my tiny storefront window to appeal to all the passersby. One day, a woman took notice of my window design, stopped in and asked if I would decorate her son’s bar mitzvah – and that was the beginning of what would become my event planning and design business. One event led to the next, every one being bigger and more over-the-top than the last, and before I knew it, I was being called to do affairs for the Royal Family, the White House and A-list celebs. My work quickly achieved worldwide recognition and I began creating a brand as an author, having penned seven books on the topic and as a television personality with multiple shows including, “My Fair Wedding,” “David Tutera’s CELEBrations.” Building the reputation of my name has also helped my brand successfully blossom into many partnerships, selling various fashions, DIY, housewares and décor collections. I’m so grateful to have come this far and only hope to go up from here.”

Houndstooth-Wed_006Special Focus on the Groom
No doubt most couples have heard the adage, ‘happy wife, happy life.’ And for many men, that traditionally has meant allowing their brides to take center stage at the wedding. But the savvy Tutera notes that one secret to keeping modern brides happy is to get their man more engaged in the wedding planning and ceremony.

“Today’s grooms are definitely playing a larger role in the wedding planning process, which I think is great!” Tutera said. “I have dealt with couples in the past where the bride was laid back and the groom was the one with all the say. It’s all about communication, trust and reassurance when it comes to taming a bride or groom “zilla.” At the end of the day, both the bride AND the groom are important in all of this and should both have a hand in the wedding planning process.

“Begin your wedding planning by sitting down with your groom and asking him what he would like to help with rather than assigning him tasks to do on his own,” Tutera advised. “This will give you a good idea as to what he wants to do rather than you delegating. Make him feel like he is making the decisions with you and not just being told what to do by you…remember, it’s his day too, let him feel like it is! There are plenty of things to get the groom excited and more involved: picking out the groomsmen’s gifts, selecting your playlist, picking out the perfect ‘getaway’ car, or researching your honeymoon. Create a signature drink together or have each of you create a “bride” and “groom” specialty cocktail. When you’re ready to select items for your registry, go together and make sure to pick things that you both like.”

Wedding Fashion for Him
Always stepping out in style himself, Tutera serves as fashion consultant for his brides and grooms alike. ”Every groom should have a unique style in mind when it comes to the fashion for him and his groomsmen,” he said. “There are many ways to stand out through your suit or tux, whether it’s patterned socks, glossy lapels, bright pocket squares, or personalized cufflinks. It is particularly important for the groom to stand out slightly from the groomsmen. Some examples of how to do that could include donning a more sophisticated flower, wearing a more elaborate tie knot, or sporting bolder items such as shoes or vest. Having been designing bridal collections for women for quite a few years now, I recently was excited to start designing for the groom with my ‘David Tutera Men’s Collection’ offering everything to complete a sharp look from head to toe with men’s tuxedos, shoes and accessories.”

David Tutera will appear in Fort Lauderdale on May 22, 2016 at Your Wedding Experience presented by David Tutera. South Florida  Opulence is pleased to be a media host of his one-of-a-kind, multicity wedding event tailored to couples and the best ‘Tutera-approved’ wedding resources under one roof. For details, go to www.yourweddingexperience.com.

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Engaging the Groom