Enrique Iglesias

Miami Boy

enriqueHailed as the most important worldwide Latin artist in recent years, Enrique has sold more than 55 million albums, has won countless awards and has sold out thousands of concerts around the globe. After a whirlwind year touring with Jennifer Lopez, Enrique’s sizzling new album Finally Found You is making the rounds and taking dance floors by storm, from Tokyo to Ibiza. This latest production features collaborations from top talent such as Sammy Adams, Ludacris, Usher and Daddy Yankee. The album also features Enrique as a boy on the cover art. It appears that the ubiquitous Mr. Iglesias has been sparing some time to reminisce … and, as he reveals in an exclusive interview with South Florida Opulence, Miami was and continues to be the constant backdrop to the life 
of one of music’s most influential and adored superstars.

South Florida Opulence: You say that you barely sleep. How do you recharge?
Enrique Iglesias: I think the body can get used to anything. I don’t sleep a lot, like a vampire, it’s better for me to sleep during the day. I try to eat healthy and do water sports whenever I’m free, which is almost never. My number one vitamin is Miami’s sun.

You stated in an interview that you have more male fans than female fans. It takes a very secure Latin man to admit to this.
Iglesias: Well, it’s true and I’m not ashamed to say it. On the contrary. I know all kinds of men who like my music and that is very cool. They use it to woo their girlfriends… or their 
boyfriends, I don’t know.  Music has no gender or boundaries, especially in this century, you know?

How do you synthesize your career in the music industry? The origins, the struggles, the evolution, the consolidation…
Iglesias: I’m a kid who got very lucky.  I think, and I never get sick of saying it, that in life you have to fight for your dreams. I’ve had my ups and downs and in those dark moments, you truly learn to value what matters. If I had to do it all over, 
I would do the exact same thing. It has been a high-speed roller coaster ride from the get-go. As time goes by, all you learn is to take more time for yourself… but I’m a little antsy. I can’t sit still too long or I get bored.

SFO: Can you describe Enrique before and after this 
incredible success?
Iglesias: I’m still the same guy; an average kid who’s a little 
immature and doesn’t like to take things too seriously… I love coming back to Miami, because I love sunshine… My childhood friends are here, my house where I love to spend time alone… it’s “me time.” I‘m pretty chill.

SFO: Have you ever had to mouth the dreaded words: Do You Know Who I Am?
Iglesias: (Laughs) I love that question. I’m way too shy to try that. 
I would never go through life being a tool like that. None of the girls paid any attention to me in high school. Too skinny I guess.

SFO: How would you like to retire when you’re old?
Iglesias: Old… you mean like, in five years? Nah, I’m happy in Miami. I love this city, the sun, the sea… but I also love Cabo. I will probably retire in some beach somewhere and run a surf shop.

Enrique Iglesias