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Master Interior Designer Perla Lichi Perfects Artful Living

By Alona Abbady Martinez

True art knows no boundaries. To Claude Monet, paint hue selection was just as important for his personal home’s furniture and walls as it was for the museum-quality canvases he painted. Composer Igor Stravinsky used principles of Picasso’s Cubism to elevate his tonality. And literary artist James Joyce studied the relations of space and time when developing some of his manuscripts. And when it comes to creating captivating living spaces, Master Interior Designer Perla Lichi is the maestro of artful living.

The Fine Art of Displaying Fine Art
Perla Lichi knows that fine art plays a critical role in every interior scheme. She compares completing an interior décor with artwork to the satisfying results that come with matching a fine wine with a gourmet meal.

A successful interior designer for 33 years, Lichi actually considers her profession an extension of fine art.  “I work with many cultures and styles and consider my interior design work an art into itself,” she explained. “The art is that extra touch that completes the space.”

Perla Lichi is the CEO and principal designer of her namesake company, Perla Lichi Luxury, offering turnkey upscale interior design services with stunning results.  Although Ms. Lichi works with a myriad of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, she meticulously incorporates art in her transformation of every space.

When it comes to fine art, Lichi has worked with clients of all levels of expertise. Some already own or want specific tangible investment-grade fine art included in their homes. Others are drawn to artwork currently in vogue in the art world.  Lichi helps them select the art based on their color schemes, style and room configuration. Clients with little to no knowledge of art completely entrust the designer to add paintings or sculptures that will elevate the look of their newly designed home.

Customized Artistry
Perla Lichi Luxury prides itself in tailoring each home to the customer’s unique preferences and needs. Every project is a new adventure to which Lichi considers the art included as the finishing touch. She encounters many instances where clients already own fine art and would like to incorporate it into the new design. For a 5,500 square foot custom Mediterranean home in Parkland, Florida, the client owned three large artworks: a portrait of Albert Einstein and a contemporary image of the Statue of Liberty by Gene Francois and a stylized portrait of Elvis Presley by Denny Dent. These were collectibles and the clients were keen on incorporating them into the overall renovation of their home.

“These paintings made three very strong statements and demanded prominent display. But they were not appropriate for main living areas.  We hung them instead in in his game room and in the upstairs landing, where the large artworks add to the ambience and literally transformed the walls into works of art,” Lichi said.

Designing Worldwide
With offices in South Florida, a showroom in Dubai and a soon-to-be-launched showroom in Toronto, Perla Lichi has a roster of artists she works with directly to help transform each and every space.  “Sometimes people come to me and just want a modern piece of art, so I get them that piece.”  Other times, she encounters clients resistant to let go of works of art that they believe may not go with the new design of their home. Lichi believes art is like jewelry, where pieces can easily be mixed and matched.

“Just because the home is a modern home, doesn’t mean the artwork inside has to be all modern,” she said, adding that she will always find a space that works for each work of art.

“If you like a certain piece and it feels good to you—sometimes people have an emotional connection—then you have to find the proper place for it, regardless of the style.”

Lichi’s passion for design and her commitment to reflecting her
client’s own personal style is what has made her one of the top interior designers in the world.

“I can walk into a home and visualize the owners’ personality just by observing the art on the walls. As an interior designer, you must have an eye for these things.”

It also helps that Perla Lichi is an artist herself.  “Art is personal.  It moves you, and art has no rules!  That’s what I love about it.  There’s no wrong art.  That’s why they call it art, not math!”

Mingling Fine Art & Fine Design