It Might Mean ‘Black’ In Japanese, But Kuro To Us Means Best Of The Best

HardRock_Kuro_02If you read our exclusive interview with Kuro mixologist Jared Boller on how to make his recipe for mushroom bourbon in the fall issue of South Florida Opulence, you know that ever since our first sip, this editorial team has been singing Kuro’s praises! We were so impressed with the creative cocktails and clever gastronomy that we invited Kuro to serve their signature Hachi cocktail and appetizers to greet guests at the 5th Annual Opulence Yacht Gala on Fisher Island in October. It is with great pleasure that we name Kuro as Best of the Best New-Style Japanese Cuisine for 2015.

“We are incredibly honored to be included in the South Florida Opulence ‘best in class’ awards for 2015. We are doing what makes us happy and trying to express this to our guests through our cuisine, cocktails and service,” said Executive Chef Alex Becker at Kuro.

“We are very honored with this award and are excited to celebrate it as a team. We look forward to continuing to strive for excellence moving forward,” said Executive Sushi Chef Shuji Hiyakawa.

Pastry Chef Ross Evans added, “For us, to be creating our own cuisine and contributing to the forefront of New-Style Japanese cuisine, it is an honor to be considered ‘Best in Class’ for New-Style Japanese.”

Mixologist Jared Boller said,“It’s an honor to work with a talented team in which everyone is equally passionate about raising the level of dining at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood. Each day, we strive to create memorable experiences for our guests and offer them the best cuisine and cocktails they’ve ever had.”