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On modern Wedding Cakes

By Cara Jay

IMG_9890The very first British recipe designated specifically to celebrate a wedding was published in The Accomplished Cook in England in 1685. Surprisingly, the recipe wasn’t for cake. Rather, it was for ‘Brides Pye’ – a round, ornately crusted dish covering a spiced filling of oysters, pine kernels and other unusual ingredients. The first matrimonial cake seems to have its roots in Rome, where it was tradition for a barley cake filled with dried fruits, nuts and sometimes
a ring (to identify the next person to be married) to be crumbled over the bride’s head  as a token of  good luck.

blue-roses-wedding-cakeThe tradition of white icing on the cake was first introduced in 1840 at the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and it wasn’t until 1882 at the wedding of Prince Leopold that unveiled a multitiered, all-cake confection, stacked like hat boxes and decorated with doves, bells, horseshoes – and flowers.

Today, the ‘slice’ on wedding cakes is that pretty much anything goes. No one knows this better than architect-turned-couture-cake designer Carolina Montoya of Unique Designer’s Cake in Miami. Guests at the annual Opulence Mega Yacht Gala on Fisher Island are dazzled each year when Montoya’s
signature event cake is unveiled as a representation of the spring edition of South Florida Opulence magazine. I sat down with our favorite pastry chef to get the dish on current wedding-cake trends. No surprise that one historic feature still remains as popular as ever – flowers.

“A trend of 2015 wedding cakes – especially here in tropical Florida – is an emphasis on flowers. Flowers have amazing meanings, symbolizing new life, beauty and love,” said Montoya. “One flower that carries a significant meaning for brides today are magnolias. Magnolias symbolize love of nature. I also love to design stephanotis, which signifies marital happiness. During the Victorian era, the use of flowers created a romantic language for lovers’ correspondence in which flowers replaced words. So, for couples who want to give to their wedding cakes special meaning, it is very important to research each flower’s denotation and integrate those that reflect your special relationship into the wedding cake décor. And as an
architect, I love the beauty of nature and the amount of detail put into floral sugar creations. Intricacy is very intricate to give them the perfect realist look!”

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.33.04 PM

“For me, there is always an amazing story around the wedding cake. It is really a love story,” said Montoya. “I really respect the choices of the bride and groom. As a baker, I just feel honored when they pick me to bake for them.”

Unique Designer’s Cake is located at 69 Northwest 9th Street in Miami. To consult with Carolina Montoya, call 786-351-4276
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