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Integrated International Real Estate

This winter marks the emergence of a highly specialized company to South Florida — Opulence International Realty (OIR), dedicated to providing turnkey service to international clients in conducting luxury real estate transactions throughout the world. OIR leverages strategic partnerships with a variety of real estate-related servicers to offer clients an all-in-one transaction experience.

“OIR is a win-win for the entire South Florida real estate industry – for customers, developers and other real estate firms.  Because OIR is primarily a buyer capture program, the idea isn’t to compete with other realtors for listings, it’s to bring qualified international buyers to the South Florida marketplace,” said Geoff Hammond, Founder and CEO of CSI International and its portfolio of companies.

“The truth of the matter is that Opulence International Realty is part of a bigger power player in Miami. With that platform, we’ve entered into the luxury real estate brokerage business,” said the President of OIR, James Hoffman.
A Closer Look at the Value Proposition

Owned by CSI International, OIR makes use of its parent company’s strengths: CSI International is a commercial property management giant that owns CSI Management Services, a leading luxury residential property management company, and Horizon Publishing, which produces South Florida Opulence magazine. These connections to the real estate and luxury industry allow Opulence International Realty to provide comprehensive services that, in many cases, a client would otherwise need to go to multiple companies to receive.

Giving it a unique marketplace differentiation, OIR also offers clients access to financial and wealth management services through UBS, a Swiss financial services firm; connections to luxury fashion and automotive brands; and – of particular importance to international buyers – access to high-quality tax attorneys and immigration experts. Opulence International Realty even has a Financing Division that specializes in international financing, so clients don’t have to worry about finding a mortgager for an international loan.

Developer Solutions Division
Among OIR’s novel platforms is the Developer Solutions Division, which brings together all the components that a property developer needs to scout, purchase, develop and run a property. These include project capital financing, management services, a sales and marketing force, operations management and a vast international network.

“This is really very unique. There are no other companies out there capable of doing what we’re doing, from a developer standpoint,” said Hoffman.
OIR creates a more efficient method for conducting business in the real estate industry. This carries over to its approach to connecting clients: OIR allows for potential buyers and sellers to meet at face-to-face social events that promote not just real estate transactions, but also a lifestyle of luxury.

Hoffman is well aware that Opulence International Realty must be technologically advanced to attract and retain customers. To that end, OIR is completely paperless, both in-office and with its real estate agents, and uses the latest techniques to market its services, including digital media, interactive videos and campaigns through social media, as well as traditional media exposure. “The company has the experience to execute top-to-bottom,” said Hoffman. “We’re adding real estate brokerage into a strategic portfolio of companies that began with CSI International,” said Hoffman, who noted that those who work at OIR have years of experience in the industry.

According to Hoffman, this will translate to satisfied clients, whether they be developers or home purchasers, whether they’re looking to buy or sell.

*For more information about Opulence International Realty, located at 2060 N. Bayshore Drive, visit or call 305-615-1376.

Real Estate Trends