The Next Generation Of Hilfiger

New Miami Beach resident, Jaimie Hilfiger, dishes on what it’s really like to be a young entrepreneur and the niece of legendary designer Tommy Hilfiger.

By Kara Franker

Jaimie Hilfiger Photographer: Chiaroscuro Fotografia Wardrobe Stylist: Lina O'connor MUA: Desiree Sutter Hair: Priscilla Minney

Jaimie Hilfiger
Photographer: Chiaroscuro Fotografia
Wardrobe Stylist: Lina O’connor
MUA: Desiree Sutter
Hair: Priscilla Minney

Born into a family of accomplished entrepreneurs, most notable of which is her uncle, fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger, Jaimie Hilfiger is blazing her own path to success. “Hard work runs in my family,” said Jaimie, who at the age of 25, launched the first phase of her own skincare line in partnership with La Curcio.

When Tommy was 25 years old, he had just suffered a major setback. Due to a devastating flood and a downturn in the economy, he had to close his first store, The People’s Place in Elmira, New York. Tommy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1977. Against all odds, he then turned his namesake label into an iconic American apparel brand and years later, in 2010, sold his company for a whopping $3 billion. One of his newest projects includes renovating the historic Raleigh Hotel on South Beach.

His niece, Jaimie, is now 25 years old, a new Miami Beach resident and engaged to celebrity jeweler Igal Dahan. While her story is strikingly different than that of her uncle’s, Jaimie represents the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Not only do they want traditional success in the terms of financial gain. They also want fame. While some are quick to compare Jaimie’s career trajectory to those of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Jaimie insists that her path is unique.

Meet Jaimie
Born to ambitious parents who taught her the value of hard work, Jaimie admits she experienced a privileged childhood growing up in New York. “Family is very important to me and my mom and dad have sacrificed so much in their lives,” said Jaimie, an only child whose father is one of Tommy’s eight siblings and owns his own construction company. “My parents taught me that I could achieve anything I wanted to, so I graduated from high school when I was 17 and college when I was 20.”

As a teenager, Jaimie left her parent’s house in the Northeast to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Though she didn’t know a single soul, Jaimie hoped that the Sunshine State would provide her with more temperate weather and a chance to mix and mingle with a different crowd than back home. While her sorority sisters at Alpha Delta Pi were working toward becoming nurses, lawyers and teachers, Jaimie had her sights on stardom. “I modeled throughout college and I began saving my money to move to L.A.,” said Jaimie, who began her modeling career when she was 7 years old.

Living A Glamorous Life, Hilfiger Style
In Los Angeles, Jaimie continued to work as a model, landing more than 15 magazine covers. Critics presumed that Jaimie’s successes came from a boost from her highly-connected uncle and even her own family members assumed that Tommy pulled in a few favors. One of her cousins heard a rumor that Tommy hired Jaimie’s publicist and that’s why she had landed gigs with E! and The Huffington Post. But according to Jaimie, those rumors were false. “Tommy has always supported me and loved me as his niece, but we’ve never mixed our relationship together with our businesses,” said Jaimie, who hired her own Beverly Hills Publicist Lee Runchey in 2010. “It’s actually a huge misconception by a lot of people, including my own family.”

Jaimie is quick to point out that her uncle would help her with her career if she asked him to and that he did offer her a college
internship at his company. But Jaimie wants to build her own empire and she’s willing to put the work in without calling her uncle for help. “And I’ve never asked him because I think that would be tacky,” she added.

Being perceived as “tacky” is simply not in Jaimie’s DNA, but developing an extraordinary personal fashion sense does run in the family. Jaimie’s closet is full of Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel purses (she’s particularly fond of her CC Signature 2.55 in creme with gold hardware, but she has all the colors) and an impressive jewelry collection with handmade pieces from her fiancé’s line, i.d x-change Cuffs of Love.

What’s next for the model-turned-entrepreneur? She’s planning her wedding, working on a cosmetics line and getting acquainted with her new neighborhood: Miami Beach. As far as career goals go, she’s stepping out from under her uncle’s shadow and charting her own course in the beauty industry.


Launch of La Curcio Collection

The-Jaimie-Hilfiger-Collection-for-La-Curcio,-high-res,-all-products,-pc-R.-Stewart-PhotographyThe first phase of The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection By La Curcio includes a hydrating mist ($65), lip balm ($37) and hand cream ($23). The second phase, targeted to debut this winter, will include a face and eye makeup remover, a detoxifying mask, and a calming serum. The entire La Curcio Skincare line, ranging from youth extending day creams to dramatic performance serums, features products that are multifunctional, paraben and gluten free with no artificial fragrances or dyes. Additionally all products are made in the USA in luxury containers that are all recyclable. In the spring of 2016, Jaimie plans to launch an entire cosmetic line featuring her signature lip color: hot pink. In the meantime, she is the brand’s spokesperson and recommends the products for women of all ages and anyone who desires timeless, younger looking skin.

The Next Generation Of Hilfiger