Let’s Get Kickstarted in Here

By Steven Joseph

Kickstarter is an online fundraising technique for business ventures and passion projects looking to crowd-source their capital instead of going through traditional investment channels. With creative minds always on the lookout for like-minded believers to fund their initiatives, the site has become rife with some really unique ideas and concepts. The businesses often offer some form of compensation, usually in the form of swag or an advance opportunity to buy the product in exchange for various levels of investment. Here are some of the best of what kickstarter.com has to offer, along with links to their campaigns:

GOSPACEGOSPACE is a convenient storage device and wired/wireless charger for all your portable electronics, including Android, Apple and PC. This compact cloud uses 5G WiFi, USB 3.1, or USB-C to transfer files at speeds up to 866 Mb/s (wirelessly) and up to 10 Gb/s (using a USB). GOSPACE can connect with up to 8 devices, within WiFi range, at the same time; plus, it is expandable with a swap of an SD card, so there is no limit for your storage. With the GOSPACE app, you can back up your phone, stream a video, or even edit your documents, in addition to syncing your accounts with the app so you can access all your files and documents from one place. Unlike other cloud services, GOSPACE stores your data directly, so only you have access. And with GOSPACE there are no monthly storage fees and no limit to the data you can backup. getgospace.com

Alpha DomincheAlpha Dominche
Alpha Dominche seeks to create functional works of art for the kitchen, and they have done so yet again with the Flask French press coffee system. After the success of their Steampunk coffee and tea brewer, the company has taken their concept to the next level with Flask. The design of the Flask brewing system eliminates mess by being self-contained, and features an easy grounds-discard process for easy composting or disposal. Form and function unite for coffee drinkers around the world! alphadominche.com

FITT360The FITT360 is a wearable neckband that is also a camera. Much like a GoPro, only more lightweight, the FITT360 captures a unique panoramic view of your surroundings as you go about your day. The FITT360 has the ability to capture stills, take video, or even live-stream your adventures as you explore your world. fitt360.com

DUO Glass
DUO GlassThe DUO Glass is seeking to eliminate all of the specialty cocktail glassware that’s currently taking up all that space in your bar. The glasses are handblown double-walled glass that retain temperature much longer than traditional highball and cocktail glasses, and they also eliminate condensation so no coaster is needed. The glass’ shape is specifically designed to hold a large globe cube perfectly, as well as having measuring lines etched into the sides for easy mixing.
For more information, search “DUO Glass” at kickstarter.com

LaVie is seeking to make the process of getting clean mineral water at home a snap. Well, more like a fifteen-minute snap. Simply place a bottle of ordinary tap water in their device, and the water is zapped with a special ultraviolet light. The light creates free radicals which attack the impurities in the tap water, and what you’re left with is a bottle of pure mineral water! For more information, search “lavie“ at kickstarter.com

Let’s Get Kickstarted in Here