A Beautiful Simplicity

By John D. Adams


Executive Chef Alex Becker

At the Seminole Hard Rock’s new restaurant, Kuro, Executive Chef Alex Becker reimagines Japanese cuisine while remaining true to its origins

There is a wonderful little restaurant in Japan where Executive Chef Alex Becker and his wife often visit during their many “educational” culinary trips. “It looks like somebody’s house,” enthuses Becker. “Clay pots are dug into the tabletops…The way they look at food is so simple but it is so amazing. They have a Daikon radish that is one of the best things you’ve ever tasted; and I’m pretty sure it came right out of the ground that afternoon.” It is this kind of enthusiasm and reverence for traditional Japanese fare that makes Becker the ideal person to develop his brilliant “new style” of Japanese
cuisine at Kuro, the newest culinary innovation now opening at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

Kuro_120314_-8072-Credit-Michael-PissariKuro is the New Black
“Naming a restaurant is officially harder than naming a child,” laughs Becker. Kuro, which means black in Japanese, seems to fit the restaurant’s personality.  “It’s symbiotic of so many things. We wanted that kind of punk rock, or rock and roll vibe to tie into the Hard Rock, yet we wanted it to be chic and sophisticated, too.” And let’s face it, it’s just a cool sounding name. It’s easy on the ears, easy to pronounce, and it expresses the kind of bold approach to Japanese gastronomy that Becker is excited to share. “It’s approachable but on an elevated level. It really represented exactly what we were looking for and what we are all about.”

Kuro_-0977-Credit-Michael-PissariElevated Authenticity
By combining fresh local ingredients with imported Japanese products, Becker and his expert team have established an amazing menu with an array of hot kitchen dishes, a nice tempura selection, and beautiful sushi. “We are developing a lot of flavors by honoring traditional Japanese style and giving it our own personal touch to make it a new style of Japanese cuisine… One of my favorite dishes is the Maitake mushrooms. Served as a tempura, we add dry herbs and pair them with sauces to develop a more aromatic dish, really elevating it so that the patron will actually say ‘Wow!’ We bring a lot to the mushroom without taking anything away. We are very focused and fundamentally Japanese.”

Chef Becker will also be bringing in a variety of Japanese beef and fish, along with seasonal ingredients from Japan that most people just can’t get their hands on in the United States. This advantage will allow Becker to create seasonal delicacies alongside his set menu, something he has longed to do. “It’s exciting for us and for the guests.”

Kuro at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at: One Seminole Way, Hollywood, Florida For reservations, call: 954-327-7625.