Lavish Pop-Up Lodging

If you love the allure of pop-up restaurants, you’ll adore the exotic pop-up hotel concept that lets you choose the locale, interior décor, amenities and a whole lot more.

By Kelly Villasuso

Imagine a luxurious, fully-appointed canvas tent that harkens back to scenes from Out of Africa and makes you feel like an impassioned young Meryl Streep or a dapper Robert Redford. Now picture such a luxurious tent popping up on the fringes of the grounds of your favorite music festival, giving you unprecedented access and deluxe hotel amenities. Imagine a ginormous truck wheeling up near the site of a major sporting event, depositing temperature-controlled shipping containers ready to be transformed into gold-medal-worthy accommodations in the blink of an eye, right in the thick of the action. Imagine lunar-like bubbles popping up on the wide-open plains of the Bolivian Altiplano, created especially for your one-time stay. Imagine a pop-up hotel.

The Yurt, The Pop-Up Hotel

What’s a pop-up hotel?
A pop-up hotel is a type of accommodations set up to host guests for a temporary period in a location usually off-limits to traditional hotels. The pop-up hotel is the younger sibling of the pop-up restaurant, which gained popularity in the early 2000s and has grown into a larger-scope movement of customized luxury hospitality experiences, including gourmet-themed interactive meals and unique excursions, as well as bespoke pop-up luxury lodging.

Why has the pop-up hotel trend resonated with affluent travelers? According to pop-up hotel pioneer Mark Sorrill, founder of The Pop-Up Hotel in the United Kingdom, “As a society, we are increasingly focused on discovering truly authentic, worthwhile, satisfying and exciting experiences. Our hotel helps to deliver that experience by allowing guests to immerse themselves in the event 24 hours a day and ‘not lose the magic’ by transiting to remote locations for more traditional accommodations.”

Pop-Up Hotel Suite Interior

Opulent Pop-up Purveyors
In addition to the Pop-Up Hotel brand,  companies like Blink by Black Tomato — winner of the Best Innovation in Travel award at the 2017 Globe Travel Awards — are pushing the pop-up boundaries even further, offering affluent travelers the opportunity to design their own transient accommodations and experiences in virgin locales.

Blink by Black Tomato’s Dome Tents, Uyani Salt Flats in Bolivia

Learn more about this ever-evolving pop-up hotel trend by visiting the websites for The Pop-Up Hotel and Blink by Black Tomato or simply peruse the breathtaking photos of their respective accommodations provided here, including The Pop-Up Hotel’s luxury yurt, its glamorous Raj Tenthouse Suite, and the breathtaking exterior shot of Blink’s Dome Tents on the Uyani Salt Flats, Bolivia.,

Lavish Pop-Up Lodging