LIQS Cocktail Shots

LIQS_SocialPosts_June2-2By Melissa Bryant

Florida has it all — a vibrant nightlife, exquisite beaches not to mention picture-perfect sunny weather almost year-round. So naturally, Floridians delight in carousing beachside, poolside and boat-side no matter the season. LIQS Co-founder, Michael Glickman, couldn’t think of a more suitable market to launch his ready-to-drink pint-sized cocktail shots. His dedication to the pursuit of party resulted in quite a few hangovers and the world’s first super premium cocktail shot.

No Bar, No Problem

Forget long bar lines or making trips to your corner liquor store. LIQS come cheers-ready in perfectly portioned recyclable shot cups. Glickman, a Miami Beach resident, recognized an absence in the market for a liquor product that’s high quality yet portable.

“I’m a boater, so I created LIQS as a solution for entertaining on boats and having barbeques and photo-11parties around the pool. It’s safer than glass and more convenient than having to keep various mixers onboard a boat or by the pool. Our product is already in shot form, so it’s additionally a good solution for that time when you’re with your friends and want to celebrate or get the night going.”

In order to attract a health conscious market, LIQS would have to be tasty, yet light on calories and sugar. Glickman worked with a mixologist to come up with four flavorful blends — tequila, with cinnamon and orange, vodka, with cucumber and lime, vodka, with lime juice and vanilla and vodka, with lychee and grapefruit.

“Our products are infused with 100 percent natural extracts. LIQS is low in sugar, calories and carbs and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives,” said Michael Glickman. “After many focus groups and long hours spent sampling demos, we produced what we are selling today — a premium cocktail shot that tastes good, has a good punch of alcohol and isn’t a total sugar bomb.”

LIQS_SocialPosts_June1Overnight Celebrity

After launching in October of 2013, LIQS has become a hit — participating in charity events, golf tournaments and a range of festivals. The response has been positively overwhelming. Now Glickman is approached around town by LIQS fans wondering “Are you the LIQS guy?” and exclaiming, “This tastes so good!”

“It makes me very happy and proud to know people are enjoying our product. I enjoy seeing our fans post pictures of themselves on our Instagram and Facebook pages doing a toast with their friends or with their fridge loaded with LIQS for a party. People love them.”

LIQS Cocktail Shots