The Art Of Luxury Alliance

By Robin Jay

Sir Robert Walpole, the first Earl of Oxford, is the namesake of Walpole, a unique alliance of the finest luxury brands in Britain – such as Barclays, Burberry and Bentley, as well as Alexander McQueen, Rolls-Royce, Harrods and Jimmy Choo. The collaboration of prestigious companies ‘exemplifies the highest standards in quality, design, style, craftsmanship, creativity, service and innovation.’

According to the latest Walpole research, in an era of increasingly higher consumer demand for luxury products and services, ‘luxury brands must initiate growing numbers of relevant partner collaborations if they are to successfully navigate the increasingly digitally-led marketplace’ of millennials. Nearly 80 percent of luxury brands surveyed are planning multi-brand collaborations by 2020 and some 60 percent plan secret and exclusive brand experiences. It’s a strategy that keeps affluents intrigued and yearning for more.

Luxury Brand Collaborations In The U.S.
The art of the luxury brand alliances is also a highly influential strategy in key high-net-worth markets in the United States. Although he’d humbly shy away from being noted as the modern-day American Sir Robert Walpole, Jeremy Weinstein is certainly a luxury market strategist who has shown by experience that luxury brand collaborations are not only effective, they’re lauded by high-end consumers who have come to expect the unexpected. Weinstein, who has held the helm of Strategic Marketing at Bellagio Las Vegas and Director of Slot Marketing at the Aria Resort and Casino, today serves as Vice President of Marketing for Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood in Florida.

Man Cave posh cabana situated at the lush tropical pool at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was the location for a magazine cover photo shoot with a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

“Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood is an accessible, fun and exciting destination for all of our guests. For guests interested in a luxury lifestyle we curate unique and over the top events that they can enjoy,”  Weinstein said. “We target partners that we believe will excite our guests. This provides an opportunity to elevate both brands and expose our clientele to new and exciting luxury products and experiences.”

In February, Weinstein’s team launched a series of private luxury brand alliance parties for their VIP premium players. One event invited guests to the property’s L Bar where they enjoyed handcrafted cocktails, gourmet passed small bites, as well as the opportunity to try on the latest collection of Hublot’s finest timepieces. Guests also enjoyed the unique opportunity to interact with one of the watchmaker’s own horologists and sit under his tutelage at a jeweler’s table to open the backend of a real Hublot timepiece and explore the intricate inner-workings.  “We created a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests – and so it was a win-win for our clients, the casino and Hublot.”

Jean-Francois Sberro, Managing Director, Hublot of America, agreed. “The targeted branding focuses are important because a brand like Hublot does not speak to a singular audience, but rather speaks in many voices to a wide swath of customers internationally who have very different interests and backgrounds but perhaps share a similar taste in style or craft. It has always made ‘good business sense’ to connect directly with as many of our consumers as possible. It is often the case that other brands or establishments, such as the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, have preexisting relationships with consumers who could have potential interest in Hublot, given their interest in a luxury lifestyle, and it would make sense to share with that network.”

To reciprocate Hublot’s collaboration, Weinstein arranged for 25 of Seminole Hard Rock’s VIP clientele to attend a private on-site party at the Hublot atelier in Miami. ”Not only are we entertaining our valued resort guests, but also bringing them an opportunity to explore their interest in horology.”

The Link Between Horology And Yachting
In another luxury brand collaboration, Weinstein arranged for select resort and casino guests to attend a private reception at the Ferretti Yacht showroom in Miami to tour select Pershing brand yachts and a rare opportunity to view an exclusive Pershing-commissioned Parmigiani timepiece.

Justin Blue, Chief Operating Officer of Americas, Ferretti Group, said, “Since 2008, Pershing has been in a partnership with the famous Swiss haute horology brand Parmigiani Fleurier. The encounter of two such prestigious worlds could only be based upon the values of excellence that have always been distinctive for these two brands. Timekeeping for yacht owners is crucial for maximizing enjoyment. Beyond that, luxury yacht owners value quality in design and function, qualities that the Parmigiani brand is synonymous with.”

Model at luxury brand collaboration event at Ferretti with Pershing Yachts, Parmigiani Watches and handcrafted bites from Kuro.

Thierry Collot, General Manager, Parmigiani Fleurier Americas, agreed. “It was very important to take into account the two main values that define both brands: the strong lines of design, as well as the unique and incredible luxury craftsmanship. The partnership with Pershing allowed us to think outside the normal perimeter from Parmigiani and look into a different environment of those architectural powerful vessels.

“Cross branding in a partnership like this allows brands to expand their horizon and look at luxury values from a different perspective, therefore enhancing each one’s vision,” said Collot.

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The Art Of Luxury Alliance