Luxury Swiss Timepieces

At Ulysse Nardin, innovation is the very reason for the brand’s existence. The Le Locle manufacturing company, which has been at the forefront of research and development since it was founded in 1846, has not only made its mark on its own history, but on that of mechanical watchmaking as a whole. Ulysse Nardin is the recipient of 4,300-plus watchmaking awards including 18 gold medals and the greatest number of patents in mechanical watchmaking. The brand is constantly recognized as “The Best.”

dual-time-nardinBest Functional Watch
Dual Time Manufacture.
Born from an iconic line, the Dual Time Manufacture enables the second time zone and date to be adjusted both forward and backward. Endowed with a Big Date double window display, also adjustable in both directions, it boasts a silicium escapement, the height of watchmaking technology that very few brands are able to master. Silicium is an extremely light but hard material that eliminates friction and removes the need for lubrication of the escapement – the watchmaker’s holy grail. It is a nanotechnology which has taken many years to develop. While ensuring perfect readability, the openwork hour and minute hands that sweep around the dial add a delicate, light touch that characterizes truly timeless watches. This chameleon-like piece is equally suited to a day in town or an important occasion. Price: $26,500

marine-chronomintorBest Marine Watch
Marine Chronometer Manufacture.
The Marine Chronometer Manufacture bears all the hallmarks of marine instruments: a generously sized case with a 43 mm diameter for excellent readability, a fluted bezel, a screw-locked crown guaranteeing complete water resistance, and solid lugs to ensure excellent stability on the wrist. Manufactured entirely in-house with its beating heart of silicium and DIAMonSIL, the Marine Chronometer Manufacture embodies the values of innovation, reliability and high-precision that were cherished by the founder, and pays tribute to Ulysse Nardin’s rich history with the sea.  Price: $31,800

2056-131_03-freak-cruiserBest Exceptional Watch
The Freak Cruiser.
Due to the ultramodern, minimalist and unconventional design of the Freak’s tourbillon carousel – one that possessed no true dial, crown or hands – and being the first timepiece to successfully present escapement wheels constructed of silicium, the Freak forever changed the course of haute horology. The Freak Cruiser is surrounded by waves and a floating anchor in the form of a swing bridge, designed so that the movement revolves on itself. The Price: $89,000