The Man in the Bulletproof Suit

By Melissa Bryantbulletproof-390x215

No, he’s not a secret service agent, but he’s dressed like one. He didn’t bring an umbrella, but no need, he’s prepared. He’s glowing, yet it’s not because of any silver or gold. He is a Garrison Bespoke man and it’s just another day on the job.

When a man first walks into Garrison Bespoke’s Toronto-based custom suitery showroom, he is not prodded, measured or fitted. Instead, he is offered to pull up a chair for a drink and casual conversation. Michael Nguyen, co-owner of Garrison Bespoke (named after a military post garrison), fashioned a place for men to hang out and enjoy a convivial social experience, all while anticipating a highly personalized custom wardrobe.

“We start not by understanding a customer based off body size. We start by understanding who the man is,” explained David Tran, head of special projects at Garrison Bespoke.  “We go beyond making garments that just fit him — to garments that actually fit his lifestyle.”

Unique tailoring is in the Garrison DNA. Take a look at some of their most extra-ordinary creations:

 IMG_8530The Bulletproof Suit
Oftentimes, these intimate dialogues with visiting clientelle elicit surprising confessions. Over time, Garrison associates noticed a trend among men working in the world of finance. They found many felt nervous and on edge when traveling internationally to potentially dangerous locations for meetings. The added stress caused them to lose focus, impacting their work performance.

Experts at Garrison Bespoke embarked on finding a solution to put their clients at ease. The custom tailors had the creative challenge of figuring a way to create a finely tailored suit of armor that would simultaneously make a statement, feel comfortable enough to wear all day long while traveling and, most importantly, be discreet. They collaborated with the military contractor responsible for creating armor gear for the U.S. 19th Special Forces. As a result, the Bulletproof Suit was born. Made from carbon nanotubes, the lightweight vest is able to withstand a 9mm shot –  and is stab-resistant!

The Diamond-Encrusted TuxedoDavid Foster Suit
Of course not every man needs to be protected against unfriendly fire — some men just want to shine. When designing a tuxedo for 16-time GRAMMY winning artist David Foster, Garrison Bespoke tailors took into consideration how David envisioned his black-tie celebration. “We looked at how he moves on stage, and at his posture while playing piano,” Tran said. “So when we constructed the garment, we actually built the shoulders and back to give a particular ease in key movement areas. Foster told us it was the most comfortable suit he’s ever worn.”

Garrison Bespoke waterproofThe Waterproof Suit
What do boaters, yachters, and developers in the construction field have in common? Water, rain, and wine are their worst enemies when they’re in their best suits. Garrison Bespoke’s solution: To make a beautiful suit using waterproof nanotechnology that is comfortable, feels like natural fabric, yet repels water. The result: The Dormeiul Aquaplan Suit. And gentlemen, the waterproof suit is also champagne-proof. Cheers!

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The Man in the Bulletproof Suit