The Dramatic 2018 Winter Olympics From My Perspective as a Sports Photographer

By Marc Serota

Editor’s note: The artistic sports photography of Marc Serota that we present here is just a brief sampling of the photographer/artist’s very large collection of photo illustrations, not only from this 2018 Winter Olympics, but also from the previous Summer Olympics and other iconic athlete portraits taken throughout his career as a highly awarded sports photographer. Prints will be available by going to the contact page at

The USA men’s hockey team was highly spirited but just too inexperienced without the NHL pros. Here, the USA celebrates a goal against Slovenia in the preliminary rounds in men’s ice hockey.

What I found most compelling about attending the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea was first and foremost being 50 miles away from North Korea and so close to the ocean at the same time. The games were amazing, but it was extremely difficult to get from one venue to another with most events being over an hour and a half to two hours driving distance apart.

The men’s downhill had to be delayed because of high winds. When the ski racing finally began at the Alpine Skiing Center, the downhill was the equivalent to the 100-meter dash at the Summer Olympics.

The weather was strange, as well as being unexpectedly cold. It was incredibly windy and a couple of the events had to be postponed because of high winds. We even had to evacuate the coastal cluster because of a typhoon warning.

There was just one major airport in South Korea and that’s flying into Seoul — a 4 1/2 to 5-hour drive away from where the Olympics were being held, and that presented its challenges upon arrival and departure.

The Olympic sliding center had some amazing action with luge and bobsled. Here, an athlete competing in luge holds on for dear life.

All in all, the experience of history and culture in Korea was amazing. The people were wonderful. The food was outstanding. The ability to travel from an iconic city like Seoul to an ancient palace and on to a Buddhist temple, all while attending the Winter Olympic Games, was the most incredible thing I will take away from the experience. I learned so much.

The Dramatic 2018 Winter Olympics From My Perspective as a Sports Photographer