Meet RedCap Personal Chauffeur Eduardo Bernales

By Stephen Keeler

Eduardo Bernales loves people, and he loves to drive. He’s also a professional driver for RedCap, 
a unique transportation service that offers clients 
certified drivers like Eduardo to drive them – in the convenience of the customers’ own cars.

“I’m a chauffeur on demand,” Eduardo says, “with the added comfort for my clients of driving  them in their own vehicle. So, unless you really want to ride in a strange car, RedCap is better than a limousine service.”


Eduardo Bernales

A Trusted Driver for Safety and Peace of Mind
For Eduardo, the upside is the relationships he builds with his clientele. “My clients range from busy executives, to tourists visiting Florida, to people enjoying celebrations and life moments. Sometimes they need peace and quiet, and sometimes they want insight 
and guidance. Either way, I want to give them the greatest sense of comfort, safety and timeliness they have ever experienced.”

The personal connection and high level of trust that develops between driver and client is not lost on Eduardo. “I’m like a personal butler for them, their loved ones, and their car. They hand me the responsibility of their loved ones, so it’s up to me to make the trip safe, seamless, with no waiting or interruption for what they want to do and where they want to go. That’s how 
I like to be treated,” he says, “so that’s how I treat my clients. The golden rule works.”

Eduardo has been with RedCap almost four years, and he appreciates the values shared among his company, his clients and himself.  “To deliver the level of service and meet the standards we set as an organization, everyone has to be committed to the highest levels of professionalism, support and communication,” he notes.  “We have only one job at one time, and we do not deviate. We complete the assigned job each and every time. That’s part of building the trust.”

White Glove Service
Eduardo shares some secrets to his success.  “You have to know traffic patterns for a given time of day throughout the area, and where to park for the quickest pick up so that your 
clients aren’t kept waiting. So I have developed additional networks of relationships – and it helps. One time, by a sports location, I was able to park right by the gate because of my friends. My client’s son got sick during the game, and I was able to be right there as he was bringing his son out to get medical attention.  It meant a lot to me that I could help that child,” he shares.

Fortunately, most of his clients’ needs center around fun and celebrations.  “I love serving as the driver for a bride for her wedding,” he says with care. “It’s the bride’s day, and I get to help make the magic.” And, Eduardo loves it all.  “Sometimes you get chaos, and I have to calm things down and do things spontaneously to help. Other times, I am part of a team, and I follow the playbook given to me by the wedding planner.  I follow in great detail exactly what the bride wants me to do. Folders, pages, sequences, scenarios, timing – I follow it like clockwork.”

Letters of recommendation and praise from brides and their planners are personally rewarding for Eduardo.  “If I can make a bride’s day extra-special, I do.”
Any downsides to the job?  “Just one,” he admits. “That’s when I have to tell a client another RedCap driver needs to drive them because I am already booked. All my clients are important to me, and I don’t like telling them I myself can’t be there. “But, he says with a wry smile, “if that’s my only issue, I have a pretty good job, eh?”

If you encounter a need for a RedCap driver, like Eduardo, who can drive you or pick you up in your own car, go to

Meet RedCap Personal Chauffeur Eduardo Bernales