Milos Estiatorio


Best of the Best Greek Dining in Miami


Kósmous kalýtera trófima – that’s Greek for world’s finest food – and it doesn’t get any finer than at Milos, the ultra-upscale Greek restaurant in South Beach – just across from Joe’s Stone Crab. CNN once reported that eating in Greece ‘feels like a glossy magazine spread come to life’ and that’s precisely the feeling that washes over you as you journey into Milos. From the white flowing sheers to the captivating iced fish array arranged like an art gallery, the Mediterranean dining experience at Milos will trigger every humanly sense you have.

headshotThe focus at Milos is always on finding the best the world has to offer: the best produce, the best wines, the best honey, the best yogurt, and above all, the best fish and seafood. With that ethos in mind, Milos has gone to the edges of the world to find suppliers that meet uncompromising standards of quality and uniqueness. When products are of such flawless quality, covering them up with sauces and forceful flavors is exactly what should not be done. Milos prides itself on the clarity of its food, following an edict of perfect simplicity, to preserve each ingredient’s distinct flavor and nutritional value. Why interfere with what nature has already mastered?

“Culinary decadence sums up our experience at Milos,” said Editor in Chief Robin Jay. “Our favorite dishes included the tuna tar tar; the skordalia, taramosalata, htipiti and tzatziki Mediterranean spreads; the charbroiled octopus with wild Santorini capers; swordfish on the charcoal; and the Creekstone premium prime tomahawk ribeye. For a sweet finish, the homemade yogurt with honey, the walnut pie with kaimaki ice cream and the baklava are divine.”
730 1st Street, Miami Beach • 305-604-6800


Milos Estiatorio