Need for Speed?

Try Rush Hour at MPH Club

By Joshua Stone

facility1Aristotle once said, “The chief forms of beauty are order and symmetry and definiteness.”  
It’s quite rare to find symmetry in the exotic car rental business, but mph club™  exemplifies this quality.

Located in the Opa-Locka Executive Airport, the MPH club provides exotic car rentals in miami with an office perched atop a former World War II era naval hanger full of jet aircraft.  The desks are constructed of airplane wings, reclaimed parts, and there is even a 40-plus-foot aircraft wing conference table on the way.

Rush Hour in a Luxury Hot-Rod Benz Truck
The exotic and luxury cars look right at home with their winged counterparts.  In addition to exotic rentals, mph club offers a Rush Hour Test Drive. This hour-long experience includes a private tour of the remarkable facilities, a brief vehicle training period to put the driver up-to-speed on the vehicle, and a 30-minute exotic car drive along streets, highways (and, naturally, a complimentary mph club T-shirt).

This wouldn’t be a proper automotive article without a car, or in this case, truck review.  The vehicle of choice: a Mercedes-Benz G63.  To understand this tremendous twin-turbo truck, some background is necessary.

13C215_009The G stands for Geländewagen, which in German means “cross-country vehicle.”  The big G-wagen still has all of the locking differentials and capable off-road suspension of its lesser powered siblings, but the gear heads at AMG went through the capable off-roader and gave it a 5.5 liter twin turbo V8 with 544hp, new suspension, and absolutely massive brakes. The interior is among the finest luxury cabins on the market, and is amazingly quiet.

The G63 drives like a truck at lower speeds – confident but a little clunky.  On the highway, everything made sense –  this car truly is a cross-country vehicle. The G63 soaks up miles like few other cars, and it is very quiet…until you hit the loud pedal. The 544hp is put to the ground through a 7 speed transmission and full-time all-wheel-drive transfer case and thrusts the G63 forward with absurd acceleration – passing power is never a problem!

What a Rush
All in all, the G63 and mph club were both eye openers.  In a world of nondescript warehouses with beat up exotics and sketchy tactics, mph club truthfully stands out.  From the all-white, perfectly maintained fleet, to the second-to-none customer service experience, the innovative Rush Hour Test Drive, and the prestigious location, mph club is at the pinnacle of the industry.  When you call the staff at 888-674-4044, tell them Josh from South Florida Opulence sent you.  You won’t regret it.

Need for Speed?