Take A Bow Oscar

By April Erhard

Oscar Lopez, winner of the Project Runway spinoff  “Under The Gunn,” takes couture to a new level at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.


Oscar Lopez

Fashion met art this season in a seamless display making it difficult to distinguish the art from the fashion at an extraordinary photo shoot at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach. Oscar Garcia-Lopez, winner of the Project Runway spinoff “Under The Gunn,” takes couture to a new level with the release of his new collection. Oscar started his career in South Florida creating lavish gowns for society ladies.
The young designer’s outstanding construction skills and unique style pushed him to the top on Tim Gunn’s latest TV fashion competition, however, Oscar is no stranger to challenges. It was only nine years ago that the talented designer was able to reach the United States after two earlier attempts to flee his homeland of Cuba.

“For many years, I had the urge to escape Castro’s regime that had taken over my country, but there were always complications” he said. “Finally in 2000, I was able to leave Cuba via Mexico as part of a musical performing group. I lived there for four years and in 2004 I crossed the border into the United States, looking to reunite myself with family and embark on the path to realize my dream.” Once in Miami, Oscar set out to make his dream a reality… one dress at a time.

The Launch of a Fashionista
It seems like his destiny had already been crafted from the early age of 10, when he began to experiment with sewing and making patterns on his own. This self-taught little boy created his first dress when he was 12 years old, using his mother’s curtains. Oscar was very lighthearted when telling the story of his beginnings, letting us know how mad his mom was when he “stole” her curtains to make his very first dress. As a result, he became the protege of the seamstresses in his town. “I was always taking this apart to see the construction and how it was made,” said Oscar.

Hitting the Limelight
Oscar’s time on “Under the Gunn” showed his positivity and creativeness to the world, but now South Floridians have a chance to wear these impeccably constructed and innovated pieces. The new line was released recently at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour.

The new collection features many gorgeous gowns for the modern woman who enjoys taking risks. The red gown is made in one of Oscar’s favorite shades of red, vermillion. “It has a very architectural peplum with metallic stitching on the top [with a] funky detail creating geometric lines. The dress is a modern approach to
elegance with matching stitching on the hat,” said Oscar, who loves hats and made several to match his latest collection.

A Look at Oscar’s Latest Collection
The ivory cocktail dress, with black pleated organza panels on the front and back, is belted at the waist to create a sunburst effect. “The fabric is soft and extremely comfortable to wear,” explains Oscar.

Oscar’s career has skyrocketed following his win on “Under the Gunn.”  He is currently in talks with “Dancing with the Stars” and is considering another fashion TV show.

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Model:  REGINA SIL–Next Miami agency
Photography/styling/art direction:  Natasha Kertes
Jewelry designer: Shiroiy D. Cama
Hair stylist: Fabian Cisneros
Makeup artist:  Taryll Atkins
Photographers assistant: Victoria Quintero
Technical assistance/video:  Dina Levinson
Photoshoot coordinator/director: Rick Pedraza.

Take A Bow Oscar