Eight-Legged Ovations At OVO

By Sarah Kern

Cirque du Soleil’s latest enchanting acrobatic adventure intertwines insects and other creepy-crawly creatures.

An evening with marching ants, flexible fleas, silky spiders, crazy crickets and other outrageous insect critters may at first sound creepy and repulsive – but al contrario!  Thanks to the latest out-of-this-world creative live performance from Cirque du Soleil – OVO aims to challenge these preconceptions and change the minds of entomophobes the world over. “Ovo” is the Portuguese term for egg, as well as the title of this acrobatic adventure through the world that lies underfoot. And it has fans squirming in delight.

The OVO Story
After discovering a large egg in their home, the insects of the forest, which include a ladybug, butterflies, spiders, and other forest-dwelling critters, are faced with a conundrum that ultimately represents the puzzling question of their existence and life cycle.

Featuring high-flying acrobats and extreme contortionists, OVO portrays a realm that the human eye has only caught a glimpse of and brings to life this seemingly miniscule world. The 50 performers in this thrilling showcase have gathered from around the world, 12 countries to be exact, to take part in its production and execution.

“OVO presents 10 unique circus acts you’ve never seen before. It pushes the limits of the human body, blending, mixing and reinventing circus disciplines,”  said OVO publicist Nicolas Chabot.  “You’ll find yourself making all sorts of weird facial expressions when you see a contortionist bending in half, or a person being thrown up in the air and caught 6 meters away.”

This colorful OVO ecosystem captures the eyes and engages the senses to leave audiences awestruck and amazed. In addition to the exquisite display of human strength and talent is the technical array of lights and scenes cast onto the “big wall.” Over 40 days of shooting in a model forest constructed of natural elements led to the compelling images that help define OVO.

What The Eye Can’t See
“Every night, to make this show happen, there are several dozen artists on stage. What the audience can’t see is the team of 50 technicians and management crew that work on the grid, under the stage and backstage. Together they bring to life the world of OVO.”

Both on stage and behind the scenes, OVO is unparalleled in its ability to entertain and captivate audiences of all ages teaching lessons about life, love and existence.

OVO is coming to a stage near you:
Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center, July 5-7
Sunrise, FL – BBT Center, July 13-23
Miami, FL – American Airlines Arena, July 28-30
Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, August 2-6
Fairfax, VA – Eaglebank Arena, August 16-20
Baltimore, MD – Royal Farms Arena, August 23-27
Uniondale, NY – NYBC Live, August 30-Sept. 3

For additional arenas and dates, go to www.cirquedusoleil.com/ovo

Eight-Legged Ovations At OVO