Traveling in Pursuit of Wellness

By Kelly Villasuso

“My experience is that by following [the wellness program] of a healing hotel, your body feels light and invigorated … but also your soul is flying.” — Elisabeth Ixmeier, Co-Founder and CCO, Healing Hotels of the World

KAMALAYA KOH SAMUI– Located in Koh Samui, Thailand, Kamalaya is centered around a cave that once served as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat for Buddhist monks. Kamalaya, which translates to lotus realm, symbolizes the growth and unfolding of the human spirit — the underlying goal of most wellness travelers.

More and more travelers are veering away from traditional vacation escapades, such as unhealthy eating, excessive drinking, poor sleeping, and disruption of fitness routines. Instead, they are consciously designing trips that promote or enhance healthy, clean living; provide for rejuvenation and rebalance; and often move them to find inner peace and purpose in life again.

Whether dealing with concerns resulting from the pressures of a modern lifestyle, including lack of movement, stress, and poor nutrition, or with other chronic issues, such as diabetes and obesity, today’s vacationers are actively engaging in wellness travel — travel for promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities — and are looking for their invigorated souls to fly.

The Quest for Wellness: It’s Only Human
According to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2017 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, the wellness tourism segment of the global wellness industry has developed into a $563 billion industry. However, the quest for transformative experiences to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit is nothing new. The practice of wellness travel has been documented since ancient times — such as the earliest walks to the Dead Sea to bask in its therapeutic properties, journeys by the Japanese to hot springs for healing and a sense of community, and jaunts by the Romans to baths for purification and spiritual rituals. Clearly, the need for antidotes to the stresses of daily life — regardless of time or place — is very human.

Kamalaya’s Naturopaths customize health programs for each guest from their extensive range of holistic medicine, and spa and healing therapies to deliver a personally fulfilling experience.

Wellness Without Boundaries
Through the advent of modern-day people movers (planes, trains, boats and automobiles) as well as the computer, wellness travel today truly has no boundaries. From Bali, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Japan, to Ecuador, India, Germany, Maldives, Thailand, and every country in between, wellness-seekers like you can find a myriad of locales offering regionally rooted, transformative experiences that resonate profoundly with body and soul.

Elisabeth Ixmeier, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World, shared that the best wellness program must “consider each person as a whole — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — and address his or her special needs and preferences through such things as alternative medicine treatments, healthy nutrition, and movement.”

Whether looking to improve your physical health through Ayurvedic medicine or therapies such as yoga or tai chi, or wanting to connect with your spiritual self through meditation, there are a plethora of wellness programs at your fingertips. With a clear understanding of your goals and innermost motivations, you will find a transformative experience that speaks both to who you are and one that helps you move toward who you wish to become.

Healing Hotels of the World’s vision is to help guests find a wellness program that helps them “become whole again in body, mind and soul, freeing them to enjoy the sacredness and abundance of life.”

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Traveling in Pursuit of Wellness