Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits with Gloss, Glamour and a Hint of Murano

By Robin Jay
A great design somehow manages to breathe a life of its own,” said Interior Designer Steven G. about this stunning condominium design at St. Regis in Bal Harbour.  “It evolves sometimes from a single item. In this case, the client came to us after a trip to Italy. Visiting Murano, they fell in love with the chandelier and purchased it. It was a wonderful challenge because their direction for the interior was definitively contemporary. So we took some risks and had fun with it. We knew instantly the unit was calling for some gloss and glamour.”

Having the eye of a master artist and a powerful gut instinct, Steven G. is the maestro of blending finishes, textures, hues – and seamlessly intermixing styles and periods – to enhance a property’s existing high points.

“The spectacular view had to be in hyper-focus, so we installed a high-gloss ceiling. Without any furnishings in the unit, the ceiling and polished marble floor almost made you feel weightless. There was no beginning or end. It was truly an amazing experience,”  Steven said. “If you keep your eyes open and absorb beautiful things around you, inspiration soon follows.”
Steven told South Florida Opulence the unit had its challenges – it was a custom unit through and through. “It wasn’t the most premiere layout within St. Regis’ portfolio of floor plans. It lacked balance and flow, so we created it through handcrafted millwork and gorgeous backgrounds. We started from the borders and worked our way inward, all while knowing we were pushing the limits. But how else do you progress if you don’t take risks? In my world, there aren’t too many other options but to excel.”

The founder of Florida’s largest design firm, Steven says this unit came with a mysterious history. “It was designer-ready, the same as all the other typical units; however, this unit had custom baths and kitchen already installed. We aren’t sure if it was previously owned or if the developer dabbled in design, but whatever the story, we were fortunate enough to have a beautiful kitchen to work with. And just like the chandelier, it was unique and not the norm. The cabinets are a deep putty colored high gloss lacquer, the counters and backsplash are brushed stainless steel. We took it to a new level by installing sleek chrome pendant fixtures, deeply tufted counter stools and some sophisticated artwork.”

It’s certainly fair to say the timeless designs of Steven G. make him a trendsetter rather than a trend follower. “It’s definitely invigorating,” he said. “You have to understand that interior design is an art form. When you spill so much of yourself into a project and then release it for someone else to enjoy, it’s somehow liberating. It inspires me to be only myself.”


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Pushing Limits