Robert Graham

Spinning desire into wearable art

robert-grahamBy Dale King and Robin Jay
On top of his game, Robert Stock, founder of the Robert Graham collection, has created a fashion frenzy in American eclectic design.

“Since the very beginning, we strove to take a more eclectic approach to designing menswear. We felt menswear was somewhat boring and thought developing a more lively, vibrant collection would certainly help spice up the American men’s market, ” said Robert.

“Through the years, we’ve stayed true to our design aesthetic, but now we have a much larger team and more time to put into creating very intricate, handcrafted prints from the most luxurious fabrics. There is no one else out there who adds color, texture, detail and art, all in one. We fill a craving and a niche market of followers who have shrines in their basements dedicated to the brand (sometimes, collecting shirts that remain unopened in the package, simply to own a piece of the adventure we create!)”

bunyipEclectic Aesthetic
In South Florida’s affluent social circuit and party-filled nightlife, there’s no doubt that throughout an evening, one will hear over and over amongst the fashion-
conscious crowd, “Hey, that’s a nice Robert Graham!”  (referring to the instantly identifiable color-splashed shirt or other head-turning garment).

“To both maintain such enthusiasm and ‘raise the bar,’ we continually design collections season after season that are rich in uncompromised style with a distinct eye to true quality,” explained Robert. “My design team and I are always working tirelessly to tell a cohesive story with each collection. Each piece tells a story that speaks to our client base and entices them to come back and want to add a new Robert Graham piece to their collection. We are in tune with their lifestyle and what they admire/collect/covet. We spin these desires into wearable artwork.”

What’s next for Robert Graham connoisseurs?
“We will continue to grow the brand by expanding with more Robert Graham retail locations in affluent communities across the country, like Boca Raton,” said the master of color-splashed eclectic attire. “As Florida provides a loyal client base, we’ll also be opening a retail shop in The Gardens Mall later this year to meet demand in this region. We want to provide our clients with the full Robert Graham collector experience and lifestyle.”

“Our loyal customers can look forward to the growth of new product categories, new retail locations and our continued commitment to the most unexpected details and creativity that will keep you riding on the irresistible thrill of the treasure hunt,” said Robert. “We are superheroes who crusade against the brand forces of bland.”

Robert Graham