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Louis Vuitton Made-to-Order Shoes

005Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has continuously searched for excellence through quality and innovation. Today, Louis Vuitton – the world’s leading luxury brand – presents the new “Made to Order Shoes” service in Maison Aventura, which is becoming the most spacious and exquisitely appointed Louis Vuitton store in North America. Synonymous with savoir-faire, Louis Vuitton’s bespoke leathergoods services are some of the most coveted in the world – and the new Maison Aventura offers the finest leathergoods and shoes.

Couture Customization
Convinced that each individual deserves to own unique objects, Louis Vuitton has always made customization one of the Maison’s distinctivefeatures. The Special Orders Service, which has represented one of Louis Vuitton’s core values since its origins and contributes to its worldwide success, is today extended to the most sophisticated and characterizing of Men’s accessories: shoes.

Louis Vuitton found in Luchino Visconti di Modrone the essential codes of the contemporary elegance, making him the perfect Ambassador for the “Made to Order” service.

“Customization is the last frontier of luxury,” said Luchino Visconti “and, most of all, the most beautiful expression of savoir-faire passed on through generations. The objects of this customization were once Louis Vuitton’s trunks, today they are shoes, certainly the most personal of all Men’s accessories.”

Reflections of Personality
“Made to Order” translates Louis Vuitton’s passion for innovation and quality through a creative journey, which allows designing the pair of shoes perfectly reflecting the owner’s personality. Clients of Louis Vuitton’s “Made to Order” may choose between six models in classic and elegant lines revisiting the traditions of stitching and perforations. Among these, the particularly technical and difficult Norwegian stitching, an expertise which Louis Vuitton continues to preserve in the Fiesso d’Artico  atelier. Four types of soling and three different insteps convey a special character to every shoe and define its style and use. Eight types of superior quality leathers, ranging from grains calf leather to a complete offering of exotic leathers (alligator, ostrich and python) are chosen one by one and strictly hand cut. These are exceptionally treated into eight elegant and deep shades: the hand patina. The owner’s initials or digit can be embossed inside the shoe for a discreet signature.

From the atelier to the store, “Made to Order” will reveal a very sophisticated environment within the Men’s store universe. Available models of shoes and belts as well as color shades and leathers will be displayed in a cozy space inspired by the inside of a Louis Vuitton shoe-trunk. Louis Vuitton’s “Made to Order” redefines the rules of contemporary elegance under the sign of excellence.

“Customization is the last frontier of luxury.” – Luchino Visconti

vuitton-Famille-Vuitton-1888The Manufacture de Souliers Louis Vuitton in Fiesso d’Artico
The creation of the Louis Vuitton footwear division dates back to 1998 and is one of the cornerstones of a strategy devoted to the transmission of savoir-faire. All Louis Vuitton shoes, including Made to Order footwear, are born in the Manufacture de Souliers Louis Vuitton based in Fiesso d’Artico. Opened in September 2009, the new atelier is a treasure chest that contains a savoir-faire in constant evolution, reaffirming in the XXI century codes of a craft that combine the latest technology to a unique, cosmopolitan look on contemporary art, with a collection and works specifically realized by artists.

Architect Jean-Marc Sandrolini invented the atelier thinking about a giant shoe box, within which are located the four footwear savoir-faires: elegant women, loafers, sneakers and elegant men with an area dedicated to the new Made to Order project.

Shoes Savoir-Faire