Shrink Wrap

New Technology Provides Non-Invasive “Shrink Wrap”
to Reduce the Appearance of Under-eye Bags

By David J. Applebaum, MD, FACS


David Applebaum, MD, FACS

It’s authentically a “Eureka” moment for women and men looking for a non-invasive way to reduce the appearance of puffy eye bags and wrinkles. At a national conference of the American Academy of Dermatologists, a revolutionary new under-eye contouring system called Neotensil was unveiled. The technology, developed by scientists at MIT, is a proprietary cross-linking polymer treatment – an invisible film that safely shrinks and smooths the fatty, puffy skin beneath the eye for up to 16 hours. I call it “Spanx” for the eyes. It’s quite remarkable.

Until the recent market launch of Neotensil, my patients wanting to diminish the sagging, loose fatty pads in the under-eye area had only invasive or semi-invasive treatment options like surgery or injectable fillers. Now they have the option of this new topical application – a reshaping base film and then an activating layer to stimulate the formation of Neotensil over the course of one hour.  It requires no needles, heat or light beams – just in-office training on how to precisely apply the two layers. Patients can see right before their eyes the skin-shrinking process that makes them look up to five to 10 years younger. And then they can apply it in the comfort of their own homes – daily if they wish.

In a study of 600 patients who tried Neotensil, 99 percent demonstrated a major visible improvement in overall appearance in three hours following application to the under-eye area. Two staff members from South Florida Opulence, Editor Robin Jay and Art Director Adriana Naylor, visited my office to learn how to apply Neotensil and see for themselves whether they thought results were effective.

Left image: Before; Right image: After application

Left image: Before; Right image: After application

“I was hopeful but skeptical,” said Jay. “Photos I had seen online looked great – but were they just Photoshopped? I’ve had puffy under-eyes for years and couldn’t imagine something topical could really magically erase them. To my great surprise, Neotensil really worked. I went from looking sleepy to refreshed and more youthful in about half an hour.”

Naylor experienced a similar result. “I thought my results were striking. I felt I looked 10 years younger,” she said. “I will use it again. For women interested in trying Neotensil, it’s critical to have a professional train you on how to apply it to make sure you understand how to make your results look natural.”

The Neotensil kit contains 50 applications.
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Shrink Wrap