The story of three entrepreneurs daring to share the top shelf of spirits

By Kristen Mager

Meet the bold and sexy Allaire Collection Privée. Tethered in handcuffs, this vodka, rum and tequila threesome poured into the Miami market last December, raising the bar for sophisticated cocktails.

Produced by The Bar Company, this premium spirit is the brainchild of three cousins who set sail along the French Riviera. The entrepreneurs—Santiago, Javier, and Andres—who choose to go by their first names, were celebrating the success of their tortilla business in Mexico—when they embarked on launching a luxury line of spirits that lived up flavor-wise to their authentic culinary expectations.

“You see handcuffs connected to briefcases in movies to protect something of value,” Santiago said. “We wanted our customers to know that, with Allaire, you’re unlocking something really special.”

Built on the values of quality, elegance and uniqueness, the brand carries out its founders’ tradition of delivering excellence to the food and beverage industry. From production to packaging, Allaire caters to the hardworking and taste-making generation that values million-dollar experiences.

“Our customers appreciate the finer things in life, whether it’s cars, boutique hotels or fine art,” said Santiago.  “As consumers ourselves, we wanted to create something completely original from anything on the market. Through Allaire cocktails, we are bringing together friends who expect the same attention to detail.”

FullSizeRenderWhat’s in a name?
The name Allaire is a combination of allure and billionaire. The founders say it  lives up to its moniker with selectively sourced ingredients.

Grains for the vodka come from the heart of the Polish plains and are filtered in crystal-clear water. Handcrafted in small batches, the vodka is distilled six times and then filtered five rounds before bottling to perfection.

The Mexican tequila starts with 100 percent select blue weber agaves that are gradually cooked to the exact sweetness called for in the proprietary recipe. It’s then aged in bourbon casks and filtered until it reaches a smooth agave flavor and signature crystal hue.

Allaire rum is distilled from fermented molasses born of the best sugarcane in Barbados. It’s then aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels and filtered to a pure tone like its spirit sisters.

“Since the vodka, tequila and rum come from different regions of the world, we decided to tie them together with a symbol that speaks to each one,” said Santiago. The anchor represents the pure water feeding the vodka; the hook links to the stronger, more vibrant tequila. And the trident—a symbol the cousins selected before knowing the connection—happens to be the national emblem for the island rum’s
home, Barbados.

Outfitted in elegant glass with gold and black adornments, each bottle alone symbolizes an affluent lifestyle. Together, they make a statement—here’s something different.

“We took exemplary care in packaging,” said Santiago, who shared that the golden handcuff sealing each case of three was
designed to be a bit disruptive.

cocktailsUnlock the Allaire Allure
You can find the Allaire Collection Privée on the menus of fine and fashionable bars and restaurants in Miami, New York and Los
Angeles markets. Look for it in other leading markets coming soon.