South Florida’s Hidden Gem

South Florida’s Hidden Gem
Welcoming more associations at Deering Bay to the luxury management services team of CSI

Deering Bay could very well be the best kept secret of paradise-style residential living in South Florida. The region’s little-known history is as rich as the lush tropical fauna that adorns it. Historians say the land where Deering Bay now lies was discovered in the late 1800’s when a Massachusetts surgeon by the name of William C. Cutler happened upon it. Cutler was said to have been instantly enthralled by the untouched high ground of hardwood hammocks and captivating flora. No surprise why the area first became known as ‘Cutler.’

Deering-Bay-1At the turn of the century, however, a quaint inn known as Richmond Cottage opened to accommodate other Cutler admirers, including Charles Deering, the farm-equipment-industry mogul who eventually built the nearby Deering Estate and Villa Vizcaya, and whose surname ultimately became the namesake for the region now called Deering Bay. Today, Deering Bay is a luxurious residential hideaway of high rises, mid rises, townhouses and estate homes, with a master association and the adjacent Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club.
For the past four years, one of the Deering Bay condominiums – Siena – has entrusted CSI, the leader in luxury residential condominium property management, as their professional management partner. The success at Siena has since led the Deering Bay Master Association and several additional associations – including Venice, Grand Marina and Deering Bay Estate Homes – to call upon CSI to manage their properties, as well. CSI executives welcome the opportunity.

“We are honored to have been selected. We are committed to providing the best-in-class services and support bringing Deering Bay to its full potential,” said Mark Blackburn, Chief Operating Officer of CSI Management Services. “We were able to identify significant efficiencies in the overall scope and scale that association board members saw as a benefit – not only for their associations, but for their overall way of living.”

CSI Director of Operations Jason Kaye agrees. “During our tenure at Siena, residents could see a tangible difference that the hospitality-oriented staff of CSI brought to their association. Compared to other property management companies with order-taker-style business models, we took a  proactive approach to the success of the association.  Critical to this success was that the Board and all of the members were, and continue to be, very open to this approach. After four years of this level of ongoing service, other Deering Bay associations decided it was time to trust us as their management partners, too. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

The same sentiment holds true for Glorian Leach, President of the Deering Bay Master Association. Glorian, a Miami native, and her husband (who serves as President of the Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club) have lived at Deering Bay since 2007. She joined the board of directors of the MPOA in 2009 and later that year was named President.

“In years past, businesses took my husband and I all over the southeast United States, but in 2005, we decided we wanted to be back in South Florida,” Glorian said. “We began looking for a community on the water with a marina and club. From the moment we found Deering Bay, we described it in two ways to our friends – the best kept secret in South Florida and an absolute paradise. But I would think perhaps the best is the way I described Deering Bay in a welcome line I recently used at a chamber event held at the Club: Deering Bay is the only private gated community with a full service Country Club, a deep-water marina and a championship golf course between the Keys and Palm Beach County. How could anyone want anything different when you can have it all?

“Living at Deering Bay is a gift,” Glorian continued. “Every day, I wake up and see the sunrise from one balcony, and in the evening I see the sunset from our other balcony. Between me and that sunrise/sunset is the most breathtaking view you can imagine. My beautiful community, with its lush landscape, the best golf course imaginable, and Biscayne Bay as its backdrop – is a dream come true. I love living here and get immense satisfaction by giving back through my volunteering [on the Board of Directors] at Deering Bay. My personal goal is the same one it was the first day: To serve my community selflessly.  It is imperative that, as President, I balance the needs of everyone and know how to listen. All while using my background in business to counsel management in the running of a successful property.  My overall goal for the community is to continue to preserve its value and beauty.”

When asked why the Deering Bay Master Association board of directors selected CSI as their property management provider this year, she replied, “From the first moment we met CSI, those of us on the selection committee felt that we were going into a partnership versus just a vendor relationship. We wanted a management group that could take us to the next level of service and efficiency. Both of these add even more value to living at Deering Bay. CSI epitomizes luxury management, and those of us who live here expect no less.  So far as President, CSI has been exceeding my expectations.”

Editor’s note: In the next issue of South Florida Opulence, don’t miss our followup feature as we delve even further into the history of Deering Bay – and also give you the inside glimpse of the amenities at the Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club.