Steven G. Designer Extraordinaire

By Robin Jay
An Exclusive Interview with Steven G. –
Founder of South Florida’s Largest Design Firm

steven-gTurning heads and dropping jaws is designer Steven G’s specialty. That’s what has elevated his iconic design firm to remarkable heights. Interiors by Steven G. is the largest in South Florida. With design commissions from ultra-luxury resorts and condominiums, like St. Regis Bal Harbour, Trump Hollywood, Marina Palms Yacht Club, Gansevoort, Ritz-Carlton Residences at Singer Island, and countless others, there’s no stopping this powerhouse. South Florida Opulence sat down for a chat with Steven G. to get an inside look at this designer extraordinaire.

South Florida Opulence: When it comes to iconic stature, Steven G. is to the design world what Kenny G. is to the music industry –  the brand conjures instant recognition with a mere initial. How did you go about developing a design flair that’s so instantly identified?

Steven G.: Where most designers and design firms define only one look, Interiors by Steven G. designs and creates around the taste and style of the client. Our work is different in every project because all of our clients are different. We do have a defined quality, but not a defined look. My team and I enjoy being creative and different, and if you meet my team, we are all very creative and very different, which is what sets us apart from the rest.

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SFO: How has South Florida’s consumer sophistication in design expectation changed in the last decade? Would you say South Florida is now a leader in setting trends and, if so, in what way?

Steven G.: It’s no secret that for so many years the majority of South Florida has been a more traditional Mediterranean look. It was so easy to see: The writing was on the wall 10 years ago when we saw that the sophisticated buyer of high-end luxury property was a modern or contemporary client. That led to art and sculpture becoming key to the environment that we were designing, along with incredible lighting and still being able to keep the comfort of a livable home. People from all over the world are flocking to South Florida, so it’s no wonder that the clientele for design has become as sophisticated as Manhattan, LA and Europe.

SFO: How do you as a designer continually stay ahead of the curve when it comes to design? What’s on the horizon for Steven G. in 2013?

Steven G.: Staying ahead of the curve is all talent. In the creative world, we must continue to think of the future.  It’s no different than a fabulous clothing designer who continues to lead the world of fashion.  Our growth continues.  We have just expanded our showroom to over 100,000 sq. ft.  We now display 1800 lines of product from all over the world and have taken a proactive approach on artwork and sculpture in our new gallery.  Works like Botero, Andy Warhol and Leroy Niemann, just to name a few, are on display. We currently have 200 canvases and various sculptures also on display.  And for those who enjoy Art Deco or mid century, we have over 500 authentic items. Being able to show the client our vast array of product continues to help us be the leader in our industry.

Steven G. Designer Extraordinaire