Summer 2013

Astounding 18th Century Automaton A bygone craft revived by the Oscar-winning Martin Scorsese film, “Hugo”

Cartier- Jeweler of Kings A brief look at the history of the venerable jewelry house

Salvatore Ferragamo Remembering the Shoemaker of Dreams

Desination Smile In a world that emphasizes multitasking and extra-value combinations, it’s no surprise that dental care facilities are becoming destinations for those seeking top-notch practitioners within the context of a travel adventure.

Donald & Ivanka Trump The $200 Million Makeover of Doral’s Blue Monster

A Farewell to Margaret Thatcher She was happy to charm, flatter, coax, or bully, just so long as she won the day

Preserving the Architectural Legacy of Palm Beach The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach has dedicated 33 years to the conservation of the historic, architectural and cultural heritage of Palm Beach

Is The FBI Bugging You? When you call repair service to report noise on your telephone line, the man who shows up could be an FBI agent wearing a telephone company uniform.

Truth or Tall Tale? Carl Werner, M.D. tests the Theory of Evolution

Arts & Design

Birthday Suit Puzzles Captivating digital photography of artist Cecelia Webber

Eye of The Beholder Within his new book, photographer Barry Seidman transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Sculptures Under The Sea Artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s breathtaking underwater sculptures bring attention and assistance to the world’s failing coral reefs

The Surreal Feline World of Gustavo Novoa When he arrived in the City of Lights in the summer of 1960, Paris tugged at Novoa’s true love – art

The Trippy, Artistic Life of Peter Max He’s the the painter who pioneered the psychedelic visual 
lexicon that we now associate with the era of great cultural and social foment, the 1960s

Objets d’Art in the Landscape: Ideas for Unique Presentations

Asian-Infused Design The hot trend in interior design

You’re a Good Man Charles M. Schulz An exclusive interview with Jeannie Schulz on her husband’s ‘Peanuts’ comic-strip legacy

Unmistakably Schedoni An exclusive interview with Italian leather-crafting aficionado Simone Schedoni

War Horse Tony-Award winning stage spectacle moves audience members to tears


Haute Cuisine

Rare California Wines Discover the Pioneering Spirit of Rare California Wines

Olive Soup The Stirring History of Martinis

The Baking Architect Unique Designer Baking

The Wonder of Coffee the myth-tinged story of coffee, 
a plant native to the highlands of Ethiopia that, by the fifteenth century, was drank regularly in nearby Yemen


The Art of The Shave The art of men’s grooming is getting a new edge with implements like your great-granddaddy probably used

Della Terasi- Luxury Made To Order

The Art of Fashion An Interview with Diane Von Furstenberg

Shoes Savoir-Faire Louis Vuitton Made-to-Order Shoes



Plug & Play TESLA: Electrifying the Luxury Driving Experience

Ahoy Arianna No summer voyage could be more splendid than aboard the palatial Arianna yacht

Sarasota-America’s Circus City Sarasota – “America’s Circus City” – isn’t just for circus fans

The Story of Calivigny Gilligan’s Island Gone Glam

Luxury Living With The Magic of Disney

Time Travel To Tivoli Tivoli, Italy, offers spellbinding fountains and spectacular ancient wonders


Condo Living/Law

Audit for Your Association Requirement to have an annual financial independent audit.

Court Rules on Manner of Director Resignations Florida First District Court of Appeal has issued a ruling on Director resignations

Planning Reserves For Your Association Think About The Benefits

Naming Names Should a Board of Directors Name Names When It Comes to Delinquencies?



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Summer 2013