The Art of Fashion

An Interview with Diane Von Furstenberg

PhotoCourtesy EVIAN

Photo Courtesy EVIAN

From the very moment a designer finds inspiration, to the instant he starts drawing the first lines of a new sketch, the making of an original collection undergoes an artistic process. Choosing fabrics, colors and patterns is similar to the process that painters or sculptors use to conceive their artwork. In honor of the artistry of American fashion, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and its president, renowned designer Diane Von Furstenberg, have organized an exhibition at the Boca Museum through April 21st. The show highlights the impact designers have had on America culture. Iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg sat down with South Florida Opulence for an interview.

South Florida Opulence: What inspired you to become President of CFDA, the leading fashion trade organization in the U.S.?

Diane Von Furstenberg: At some point, when I had sold my company, I felt like an outsider. Stan Herman, then President of the CFDA, invited me to join the Board. It made me feel like I belonged in fashion again.  Later I was asked to be President and that feeling of family is what made me do it. Fashion is a reflection of our times. It’s also a huge industry that creates a lot of jobs. I am VERY proud of where American fashion is now!

SFO: Did you know Eleanor Lambert, the founder of CFDA? What was her impact on the U.S. fashion industry?
DVF: I absolutely knew Eleanor Lambert … we lived in the same building in New York. She is the person who took the talented but anonymous designers out of the back rooms of 7th Avenue and brought them into the limelight.

 SFO: What is your fashion legacy?
DVF: The wrap dress and what it gave women … CONFIDENCE!!

SFO: How does U.S. fashion compare to international fashion now versus when you were a young entrepreneur?
DVF: We now have our designers abroad. Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and now Alex Wang are leading major global brands!

SFO: What’s the wave of fashion’s future?
DVF: Technology is the revolution of this century…so it probably is technology that will change everything … including fashion.

SFO: Anything you’d like to say about the Boca Museum exhibit?
DVF: I love that it invited our show!

The Art of Fashion