Unparalleled Developer Solutions

For The Luxury Residential Market

By Jill Patterson


Jack Paget

The South Florida market is teeming with luxury residential development opportunities. Savvy developers seeking to expand their market share, or scout their premiere South Florida real estate project, look to the Developer Solutions Division at Opulence International Realty for fully integrated, customized, turnkey service.

“We guide developers from inception to maintenance,” said Jack Paget, Director of Developer Solutions at Opulence International Realty.  “Whether for preconstruction or standing inventory projects, our state-of-the-art program is completely tailored to the unique goals of each developer. We are an invaluable one-stop resource for everything from real estate marketing (both domestic and international), sales and administrative solutions to market analysis, building concept and design, pricing strategy, budget development, sales center design, database management – even public relations, media exposure and advertising.”

What particularly sets Opulence International Realty apart is its personal touch on all levels. “Developers are going to get our A team. We are going to be responsive to them. We will come up with tremendous strategies with a big network of brokers and buyers. Our company is a very unique niche in the marketplace. As a collective group, we are somewhat new on the block, but the people here are not new; we have years of combined experience and
expertise.  Developers get a tremendous group who take them to where they need to go in terms of accelerating sales and putting a development package together from start to finish.”

A Closer Look at Developer Solutions
With an unparalleled depth of experience in South Florida development, Paget and his team offer assistance on all facets of the development process. “If a Developer has the desire to come in, find a piece of property and wishes to utilize that property to its highest and best use, in terms of a luxury condominium project, they can look to us to get involved from the get-go. We walk them through the whole process, answering questions, such as what pre-vetted contractors should be used, what type of units should be built where, what price per square foot, what architect, what general contractor, what kind of floor plan design,” said Paget.

Employing an impressive database of local, domestic and international contacts, Paget and the Developer Solutions team handle the entire sales process.  In addition, Paget can offer invaluable assistance on the debt and equity side of a project, putting together joint ventures and providing a business model for Developer clients.

Meet the Maverick Behind The Team
Jack Paget is no rookie to the game. He brings more than 30 years of successful, elite-level real estate experience to the Opulence
International Realty team. Jack has been involved in all disciplines of commercial and residential real estate in South Florida. His extensive career began on Key Biscayne when Key Colony was the number one project in South Florida. He was part of the first South Florida sales team to deploy into the Latin American markets and bring buyers up from Caracas and Bogota. He was hugely successful in the luxury condo world when, in the late ’80s, he made the transition to the commercial real estate market and worked for 11 years specializing in industrial properties, assuming a senior leadership role for an industrial fund valued at $500 million. Transitioning back to residential sales, Jack was a major player at International Sales Group for 10 years. Paget brings a deep wealth of market expertise, an extensive network of global connections, strategic alliances and a track record of success.

“When your core values are integrity, professionalism, collaboration, and building lasting relationships, performance and results naturally follow,” Jack said.
Behind Jack Paget’s drive and determination is a true athlete’s mindset. In college, he played football and baseball, and has established close working relationships with many professional athletes. His competitiveness and passion to succeed has transcended from the athletic field to the field of luxury real estate and marketing.

Since he was recruited by Opulence International Realty, he has been vetting Developers who pass the test for him.
“You want to do well and be immediately responsive with whatever you take on. We are relationship based. We are walking this path together for a 2-3 year time frame,“ he said.

Paget is keenly aware of the changing landscape in South Florida, having weathered more than one downturn. Watching the rapidity of the market comeback, as increasingly exorbitant prices are being paid for land, he knows you have to be very strategic in order to maximize profits.

“You want to land on your feet with market changes and new vistas. The current mantra for developers and development projects is, ‘He who gets in the ground first wins.’  You have to be highly attuned and keyed in to the rapidly changing nuances to this red-hot South Florida market. All the components have to come together with perfect timing – including strategic decisions on location, purchase price of the land, construction costs, choosing an expert sales force – in order to bring a project to a successful sell out and final completion,” Paget said.

On the Cutting Edge of Market Trends
The question on everyone’s mind is what the market is going to do. Paget feels that it will continue to grow strongly. In the development sector, every day there is more and more competition coming to South Florida, but even as land prices skyrocket, buyers are continuing to come.

He advises, “You have to know your competition.  You have to know your buyers and brokers. You have to be sure you have top people, a top-flight organization and be able to make adjustments when necessary to your initial game plan. This is a monumental market with sophisticated, well-informed buyers. You have to be able to answer every question when that buyer comes through the door.”

South Florida is unlike any other market. The cross section of buyers is from around the world, both domestic and international. Paget experienced firsthand the worldwide desire for the South Florida market when marketing an EB-5 visa mixed use project which sold out primarily to Chinese buyers.

“The United States of America is still where people want to be, for many reasons, including the safety of their money and our education system.” Because the current financing deposit structure for condo preconstruction in most cases requires 50 percent cash down payment, we now have a solid ‘go-to-closing’ buyer, which has assisted developers in the funding of their projects.

Corporate Horsepower
Opulence International Realty offers an elegant, innovative and intelligent platform to launch any project. The firm is one of several companies owned by CSI International – the largest female minority owned company in Florida. Its sister companies include CSI Management, which manages some of the most luxurious condominium buildings in South Florida, including Fisher Island, the Continuum (North Tower) and Murano at Portofino. CSI is also sister to Horizon Publishing, creator of the award-winning South Florida Opulence magazine.

“Being under the corporate umbrella, CSI International gives us a tremendous advantage in terms of stability,” Paget said. “People recognize that we are here to stay, and we have a long background on a large-scale basis in 15 states for 25 years. When I mention the name Opulence, people ask, ‘is that the same as the magazine?’ Just by cross-pollination, you get the unique opportunity to work with the residents of the condominiums within our property management base both domestically and international as a tremendous advantage.  This is something that makes us very attractive to developers. It adds horsepower.”

In terms of technology, Opulence International Realty is the first brokerage in South Florida offering live video chat on its website. With approximately 70 percent of Latin buyers using a handheld device to begin their search for real estate, Opulence can be first to make impactful contact.

When South Florida developers in the upscale market want comprehensive solutions and a seamless strategic implementation team, Developer Solutions at Opulence International Realty is the answer. For details, go to www.Opulenceinternationalrealty.com or call Jack Paget at 954-560-8265.

Unparalleled Developer Solutions