Living One Night As A Venetian Aristrocrat

Be whisked away aboard a private gondola as a palace gala guest overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice

By John D. Adams

Venice is a floating monument to faith and dreams. It’s a magical place where anything seems possible. How else to explain the audacity of will required to erect a civilization atop 117 tiny islands, connected by canals and linked by bridges?

Ponte-Rialto-and-gondola-at-sunset-in-Venice,-ItalyItalian husband and wife team Matteo Della Grazia and Daniela Mencarelli, owners of Discover Your Italy, exemplify this spirit of passion and mystery. “We specialize in custom-made itineraries in Italy,” explained Matteo in his musical Italian accent. “It is our passion to create a very specific experience for every client based on their interests, where they’ve already been, what they want to see and, of course, what they want to experience.”

Live Like a Royal: Attend a Gala at a Venetian Palace
What better place than Venice to experience a magical event of your own? For centuries Venetians steadfastly believed that anything is possible. Who could argue with that? If you live on hundreds of waterlogged marble pillars, every aspect of normal life becomes a challenge to overcome with style and panache. No roads. No cars. No trash service… They have never bowed to trends or conventions. Indeed, they have often defined innovation — from eyeglasses, to (gasp) uncorseted dresses and platform shoes.

Matteo enthuses about one of their company’s carefully planned, elegantly executed events built upon the magic and majesty of Venice. “For one night in Venice, guests will live the life of a noble Venetian aristocrat as they are whisked away aboard a private water taxi to a gala dinner set in a palace overlooking the Grand Canal. It will be an evening of total sensory experiences while guests linger over cocktails and dinner in this extremely unique historic mansion that has welcomed legendary A-listers from today’s Hollywood set to the doges of Venice and Italian nobility.”

Fuoritinerario is a word created by Matteo and Daniela to describe their company. Derived from a combination of Italian words, it literally means “Off the Beaten Path.” Perhaps in Venice’s case, you could say: “off the beaten canal.” Everything here seems one-of-a-kind.

Venice’s food is a miracle of originality. “The Lonely Planet” describes Venice’s cuisine:  “Garden islands and lagoon aquaculture yield specialty produce and seafood you won’t find elsewhere – all highlighted in inventive Venetian cuisine, with tantalizing traces of ancient spice routes. The city knows how to put on a royal spread, as France’s King Henry III once found out when faced with 1200 dishes and 200 bonbons…”

Transportation is, by necessity, different too. There are no roads, no cars. And if you want to travel Venice in style, the only name to know is “Riva.” Riva is to motorboats what Ferrari is to automobiles. Completely handmade, highly-burnished, detailed wood, incredibly fast with an amazing design, this icon has been popular with the Jet Set since the 1950s. If you’re really looking for an experience that screams Italian style, travel Venice Lagoon in a Riva. Matteo offers a variety of Riva excursions unmatched in Venice.

Venetian-Gala-at-the-PalaceWe are Venetians
So now. As we have lazed along Venice’s Grand Canal, we can literally reflect upon the majesty of this aquatic place. We have enchantingly experienced royal dinners in ancient, grand ballrooms; raced to sumptuous banquets aboard a Riva; gloried in the hidden nooks and crannies…We have experienced Venice.
Indeed, Matteo also mirrors the pride and passion that embrace Venetian culture: “Our job is to share the Italian culture with travelers. It is very important to shape and design itineraries with that kind of Italian style. A style famous all over the world.”

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