Vodka of The Tsars

Reviving the Historic Vodka

vodka-bottleA rare, formerly unobtainable elixir from Tsarist Russia has made an inaugural appearance in America.  This recipe was exclusively reserved for the Russian nobility of times past, and now has been resurrected by an American entrepreneur. This vodka is like none other in today’s marketplace. The elegant 24-carat gold veneer labeled bottle is filled with a refined cognac-colored product designed to tantalize anyone’s refined palate.
“My Russian father-in-law introduced me to this style of vodka 15 years ago, even though it was not in production any longer,” said Mark Owens, Spirits of the Tsars Founder and President. “After years of searching, we found the formula that was 500 years old and was exclusive to the Tsars until 1917, at the time of the revolution when all things Tsars were buried, so to speak, by the Soviet government.  When we discovered the formula, we immediately started to try and legally protect It, which was difficult for an American to do. Discovering and protecting it was luck or an act of God. However, we have it now and have resurrected the formula to its original glory as Spirits of the Tsars.”
The unique quality of this fine spirit has its origin in the hand-picked fruit leaves that blend in harmony with pure spring water from the most fertile southern region of Olde Russia, now the Ukraine. It is a rye-wheat grain vodka, distilled six times and infused with all natural and organic ingredients, twice fermented, then aged in oak cognac barrels (which provides its soft light caramel color), and finally triple filtered for smoothness.  It is topped with the highest quality cork available. The Spirit of the Tsars logo is reminiscent of a Fabergé egg holding an antique image of Tsar Nicholas, along with the Romanov Family Crest.


Tsar Nicholas

Vodka History in Review
Rewind in time and you’ll find the first documented production of infused vodka in Russia in the 9th century. Spirits of the Tsars formula appeared in Russia during the 15th century. Tsar Ivan III in the 16th century granted nobility exclusivity to produce and distribute this vodka in their respective territories. The Romanov Dynasty reigned from 1613 – 1917 in Russia and continued to control the formula until the fall of the dynasty. “Clear” (colorless) vodka, made in Poland, first appeared in the latter half of the 19th century. Spirits of the Tsars premium infused vodka is not clear. Rather, it is a 
supreme grade golden vodka.

Because this special infused golden vodka can only be produced in limited quantities, it will only be found in select places, starting in South Florida. Distinguished venues carrying Spirits of the Tsars include Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, The Forge in 
Miami Beach, Zuma in Miami and renowned nightclubs like SET, SLS, and Wall in the W Hotel South Beach, plus LIV in the Fontainebleau, among several other select upscale venues. Only a few liquor stores, including Sunset 
Corners in South Miami, carry this elite vodka.  International distributors have recently been signed on in the United Kingdom, France, 
Monaco, Spain and South Africa to enhance 
its global presence, and that list is growing fast.

“Being new to the liquor business, we have experienced a long learning curve, and continue to learn,” said Owens.  “We have purposefully not advertised, preferring grass roots opportunities and successfully partnering with luxury brands like Ferretti Group Worldwide plus Fendi, Dior and Neiman Marcus locally, to name a few.”

For now, South Florida residents are the first in the world to experience this royal Russian vodka resurrected for the modern era.  This one of a kind sipping vodka is best tasted in its very own crystal glasses just as the Tsars once did.  So raise your glass high and toast to an elegant bygone era brought back for present day spirits connoisseurs to enjoy. For more information:

Vodka of The Tsars