Off The Wall Dining

By Melissa Bryant and Kristen Mager

If the idea of dining in a “safe house” or dangling 15 stories in the air for a gourmet getaway makes your mouth water, use a passcode — or strap in a seat — at these most unusual brasseries

brussels_september_16_2010_08Dinner in the Sky — Worldwide

Discover a new meaning of cloud nine, but hold on to your 
appetite. For a slim $40,000, you and 21 of your closest friends (make sure they aren’t afraid of heights) can be treated to a sky-high culinary excursion. Buckle in your seat, then up you go, as a crane lifts your 30-foot-long dining platform 150 feet or higher in the air.

Feel the wind at your feet as you sip Dom Pérignon and 
enjoy the panoramic splendor. Savor gastronomic goodies your personal chef prepares like filet mignon medallions with Bordelaise sauce sautéed in mushrooms. Dinner in the Sky has suspended diners in more than 40 countries in locations such as Paris and the Las Vegas Strip. You, too, can experience the red carpet treatment in the clouds. Countryside or city, the choice is yours to dine in style above a vineyard, skyline, castle or golf course. One thing’s for sure: Your love of fine dining will soar to new heights during this 
spectacular sky ride. (305) 392-0983  •


 ICEBAR – Orlando

It may not snow in Florida, but it can get pretty chilly at the 
largest permanent ice bar in the world, located in sunny Orlando. ICEBAR is built with 50 tons of carved ice and is kept at a glacial 27 
degrees in order to preserve the spectacular frozen sculptures, walls, furniture and, of course, bar. Visitors will be wowed by the state-of-the-art lighting, enchanted by the music, and stay for the drinks that never need to be ordered on the rocks like The 
Billionaire Martini, a mixture of Stolichnaya Elite Premium Vodka, White Grape Juice with a splash of Champagne and the New Age Cosmo, a combination of Grey Goose L’Orange, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Roses Lime and Cranberry. A thermal coat and gloves are provided for bar patrons to keep warm while chilling on ice seats. Whether it’s summer,  winter, or fall you can enjoy a drink at the coolest bar in Florida,  ICEBAR Orlando. ICEBAR is located at 8967 International Dr., Orlando.  (407) 426-7555

Ciro’s Speakeasy & Supper Club – Tampa tbw_072712ciro

Have a roaring good time at the 1920s-themed Ciro’s Speakeasy and Supper Club in Tampa, a restaurant that embodies the Prohibition-era style of discreetness and seduction. Walk up to the door at this speakeasy and whisper the password through a slot in the door to gain access into the glitzy club reminiscent of Gatsby decadence. Everything about Ciro’s is classic, from the elegant cuisine to the employees who serve meals and cocktails adorned in dapper suits and flapper frocks.

really gives Ciro’s lasting appeal are the unique tastes it features from black truffle popcorn and duck fries, to classic cocktails like Russian Spring Punch, made with shaved ice and garnished with fresh fruit. Ciro’s Speakeasy and Supper Club is the Real 
McCoy and you don’t want to be left high and dry, so call ahead for reservations and the password of the day for a night to be remembered.  Ciro’s Speakeasy is located at 2109 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa.  (813) 251-0022

IMG_7126Moto – Chicago ~

For foodies seeking a bit of intrigue during their dining 
experience, guests at Moto in the Windy City can expect the unexpected – an interactive, futuristic, artistic culinary adventure. Creative culinary concoctions are whipped up daily at The Michelin-starred restaurant. Take, for example, their edible 
cigar. The innovative dish is a play on the Cuban sandwich, with a grape leaf wrapper, roasted red pepper embers, ground white and black sesame seed “ash,” and shredded pork filling all served on an actual ashtray.

Chef Homaro Cantu applies molecular gastronomy to his works of food art that boggle the mind and please the palate. This adapted food science physically and chemically alters ingredients, giving Moto’s an unconventional approach that will never cease to amaze you. The menu changes nightly and 
seasonally, which means you can indulge in new delights from this Chicagoan jewel year-round. Moto is located at 945 W. 
Fulton Market, Chicago.  (312) 491-0058

Off The Wall Dining