Why Use a Realtor?

In this day of advanced technology where every property listing now appears on multiple internet websites accessible to everyone, it begs the question…

By Jill Patterson, Broker Opulence International Realty

Buyers are more well informed than ever and it is common practice for buyers to search properties and give a short list of what they would like to view so their realtors can make appointments.  Sellers now have increasing access to discount brokerage services that can list properties on the MLS with just a small fee, cutting out the realtor and their commission entirely. We sat down with two busy and successful agents at Opulence International Realty to see what they have to say on the topic.

Tomi Rose

Tomi Rose, Founder and Senior Vice President of Opulence Sports and Entertainment Division (OSE) is a savvy, millennial real estate professional who gained global recognition for her success in her industry on and off camera. Rose’s down to earth, approachable personality coupled with her interpersonal skills make her your most valuable player when negotiating on behalf of her clients. Her list of contacts is deep and she will leverage all of her alliances to find a buyer for your home or find you exactly the home or investment you are looking for.  There are over 40,000 real estate agents in Miami-Dade County and only a tiny percentage of those realtors have the ability to reach the top tier demographic she can reach. The most accomplished Sports and Entertainment realtor in the country, Rose has closed over $60 million in South Florida real estate, within the past few years of her 14 year career.

OIR: With technology so advanced and the MLS in the hands of the buyer, why use a realtor?
A real estate professional’s worth is in their knowledge of the market. In the luxury market, my clients hire me for my marketing exposure and social media expertise. The challenge related to listing and/or finding a buyer for an ultra luxury property is that the real estate professional must have the ability to market to the one percent of the world’s wealthiest people, which is a challenge for most agents. To stay abreast with market trends through technology and social media I built Rose-Tech, which includes over 80,000 followers through social media outlets.  This is a great tool to obtain new clients, sell my listings, and create market awareness.

OIR: How do you protect the confidentiality of your clients and their luxury property purchase?
Discretion is a must and has a lifetime guarantee with me.

OIR:  Any advice for buyers right now?
Do your research and select an active agent. Choose the agent that knows the market, has contacts and the ability to get your property sold at the desired price within the desired time.

OIR:  Advice for sellers?
The first step is to find a reputable real estate professional who is familiar with your particular area, one who will make selling your home a priority. Then, properly price your property. This will ensure your real estate advisor maximizes their expertise, experience, and resources by marketing your property to the broadest number of potential buyers.

Pamela Diaz de Leon

Pamela Diaz de Leon has been licensed since 2000 and brings a wealth of experience to the table.  Brought up in Chicago and Mexico, Pamela played for the Mexican Women’s Basketball Team, was recognized with the NCAA most valuable player award.  In Chicago, she served as cultural attaché to the King of Spain.  Her love for the arts led her to a job as the Logistics Director for the Chicago Latin Film Festival, the largest Latin film festival in the country with over 30,000 attendees.

OIR: With technology so advanced and the MLS in the hands of the buyer, why use a realtor?
Clients have unique needs and I am a concierge for the purpose of buying and selling a home.  Even though I use all the technology available to sell homes, we are in an era of too much data and not enough smiles and handshakes.  I am out and about previewing properties all day long, long before I bring any of those properties to the attention of my clients.  A buyer can’t see 1,000 properties.  This is what I do all day long.  The internet does not accurately display properties and give you the full story about the context of that investment.  I can guide you to make wise investments in acquisitions with prime locations and healthy property management.  If it is new construction, I look at the track record of the developer and construction company.  Ultimately, my job is to accomplish the goal by solving challenges that may arise during the negotiation and closing.

OIR:  What about the mechanics of closing the sale?  A buyer may see a listing on the internet and want to go directly to the seller to save on commission, but why should they use a realtor?
It’s not just one step.  Closing a transaction is many steps and if you miss any of those steps it can cost you far more than the sales commission.  It’s about putting a great team together.  There are so many people involved in a transaction, …inspectors, mortgage brokers, title agents, you need someone to seamlessly coordinate and manage it.  At the end of the day, it’s about communication, and that human factor the internet will never replace.

OIR: Can you give me an example?
In my last transaction, I saw the market but it took getting my seller to see it.  He had had the property listed with another realtor for over a year with no offers.   In three months, I got it sold.  When you tell the story with just the facts, without any exaggerations, you build trust.  You need to be there every step of the way to usher the sale.

OIR:  Advice to buyers?
Don’t believe what you see in pictures.  Do as much research as you can on the internet, then find an experienced realtor who communicates well with you.

OIR:  Advice to sellers?
Be realistic.  Ask your realtor for an analytic scope of the market. And take into consideration the ongoing trends, that, for example, there is going to be a lot more inventory soon, especially in Brickell.

OIR:  What was your highlight of 2016?
Selling a home to one of, if not, the most, well-known female athlete on the planet.

Why Use a Realtor?