Ziplining Through Maui Heaven

By Sharon Spence Lieb
zipliningFor hundreds of years, remote villagers living in the Himalayas and the Alps have strung up zip lines to traverse dangerous terrain and moved their supplies from one high peak to another. Mountain climbers use zip lines called Tyrolean traverses to shimmy across steep slopes, using gravity. And wildlife biologists studying animals and plants use zip lines to get up and down inside forest canopies.

So, as eco-friendly soft adventure has taken off around the world, zip lines are the perfect sport for anyone with courage to fly through beautiful parts of Planet Earth. Stepping off a platform and soaring through forests, over valleys, mountains, rivers, and lakes is truly exhilarating. A bird’s-eye view, where you are the bird!

Do you have what it takes?
And courage is really all you need. The harnesses are comfortable, the views are amazing, and zip line staffs are professional and caring.

The expert guides at Flyin Hawaiian in Maui made sure we received thorough training, answered all our questions, and escorted us every step of the way with humor and encouragement. What an incredible way to see Maui’s beauty. Don’t miss this unforgettable adventure. Here’s a firsthand sneak peek from someone who has been there, done that – yours truly.

My first time on a zip line
Gundy, our zip line guide, looked like a musician from my fav bad boy band, ZZ Top. Long curly beard, wild wavy blonde hair, a charming Julia Roberts smile.

“Welcome to Maui, Sharon,” he grinned. “Ready for the best zip ride of your life?”

Who could resist that smile? We strapped on our harnesses, clipped on our army style helmets and climbed into Gundy’s 
all-terrain Jeep. We swerved and skidded straight up a heart-stopping narrow muddy mountain trail.

At the top, we admired lush valleys decorated with red ginger and purple orchids. Serene cows nap on peaceful sugarcane farms. The sapphire Pacific teemed with humpback whales, flipping their v-shaped tails.

On the wooden platforms, Gundy and his team gave us our final training: “Sit upright in your harness, legs straight out,” “step slowly off the platform,” and “Don’t worry, we’re gonna catch you at the other end.”

Gundy clipped me securely to the zip line and gave me his optimistic “Everything’s going to be all right Sharon” smile.  I swung off the platform. Swoosh, I was airborne! Planet Earth was a Kodachrome blur.

Delight erased terror. Clouds moved in and out, shaping into angels and parrotfish.  Getting to heaven is easy. Just say yes to ziplining on Maui.

Ziplining Through Maui Heaven